Jumeirah Beach Park Dubai

People living in Dubai like to visit Jumeirah Beach Park on every weekend with their families. The park is filled with sand and beautiful grassland. There are very clean toilets, dressing rooms, swimming pools, courts for volleyball game and many other facilities. An ample place has been reserved for the parking which otherwise would have been a great problem for the visitors. Most of the people like in Dubai like to hangout on Jumeirah Beach Park because the visit to this beach park is not too expensive.

Around 12 hectares of parkland has been reserved for Jumeirah Beach park. The land is best for the children since there is a play land for them. There are also many picnic tables, areas for barbecue, play area for volleyball etc. people can also enjoy the jet area fronting at the beach with the life guards on duty. People can enjoy lots of activities at the beach full of zeal and zest.

Jetty area fronting is the beautiful painting of the coordination with the landscape and the beauty of the environment. There is a beautiful contrast of colours which are filled in architectural harmony and can enjoy scene of blue water of gulf where the golden shore play with the artistically designed green spaces. The part of Jumeirah was established in 1989. The beach park is the first fun area which has been launched in the residential area of the Dubai. The park has been established directly on the Arabian Gulf which has become the identity of the park. The earth levels changing continuously and giving unique scenes to the on-lookers is the identity of the Jumeirah Beach park. The park is the beautiful combination of the games area along with recreational areas followed by green hills which enhances the beauty of the park.

There are many activities which have been launched for the people living in the residential areas of Dubai. The Arabian Gulf is the identity of Dubai which has been made more recreational for the residence of Dubai. The Jumeirah Beach park was established on the Arabian Gulf just to make it more important for the visitors. The park has become the biggest source of income for the government of Dubai because it always remains in the focus of tourists.

Facilities available at Jumeirah Beach park:-

  1. The park is filled with many facilities. The biggest facility which people can enjoy there is the beach facility. There are many services available which are usually provided at the beach such as rescue service, swimming pools, seats with sunshades etc.
  2. The sports field services are also provided at the beach such as basketball field, volleyball fields etc.
  3. There are also playgrounds for children which have made this park a best recreational area for the kids,
  4. There are also some areas which have been reserved for barbecue and other fun activities.
  5. The marine rescue services are also one of the main parts of the Jumeirah Beach park.
  6. Some places for performing prayers have also been made.
  7. Restaurants, cafeterias, plants, horticulture spaces etc. are also available at the park.
  8. The biggest step towards facilitating the public of Dubai has been taken by the management of the Jumeirah Beach park. They have allocated a day for the visit for women and children only. The Monday is fixed for ladies and their kids only which keeps the environment of the Dubai quite moral and ethical.
  9. Toilet, dressing rooms and other facilities for general public are also provided at the park.

Facilities for the people with special needs:-

People with special needs are also provided with lots of facilities. The management of the park takes all the communities in consideration and then design the services for them. The installation of utilities is performed for performed for special community. There are also some special park lots which have been allocated to the people with special needs. For the smooth movement, the special paths have also been designed for special people.