Jobs Opportunities in Karachi

A city of lights, a place where people from other provinces to do jobs. It is the only business trade in Pakistan which is my favorite. Every city of Pakistan has their identity but they cannot produce a good business relation with their peasants. Like the one’s who are jobless, they just come to Karachi and do the jobs. It is said that Punjab is the most civilized province of Pakistan and the people of Punjab are not jobless. But still they all come to Karachi for their better jobs. So Karachi has its own class no matter every terrorist’s sight is on the Karachi. Two ways are there for Pakistanis. Either they goes abroad or they come Karachi for jobs. Karachi is a good place for jobs and everyone is really very interested to do jobs in Karachi. There are many organizations and companies in which you can do jobs. Their offering way is also good. They gives many opportunity and having opportunities at your homeland, it is a biggest thing for any man. However Karachi is horrible for the people, who not lives here. They all think that terrorist move around the city. Alhamdulillah nowadays Karachi became a safer place. Every security means are solved. Karachi is the best place in Pakistan.

Karachi can give a jobless man a lot. But the only reason is that they offer jobs but only on source. Means if you have a strong source through which you can apply for jobs only in that case you can do jobs. If you have a high post man, he will help you in this. He will help you for applying jobs and the ones who are jobless and who have no source they just sit lonely or they go abroad. So this is a bad thing I observe. Every field is highly admired but the sourceful people admire more. Karachi’s another disadvantage is that in your starting days of jobs you seniors will tease you very much by ordering you different type of works. So this a true thing. My brother also came here for the job. He is ACCA member and a certified Accountant. He came here confidently and he said he will do job in his homeland. He stayed here for around 2 months. He got to know that this place is not for him. Because of these stupid rules of Karachi. Many companies are helping many people. Like there some companies who are offering a good job to the people. But everyone’s aim is to do jobs in a government office and unfortunately it is really very hard to do jobs there. Karachi is a good place. Well, around every place you can do jobs either it is a high post job or a low one. But the best thing I observed here is to do business. Business of different demanding fields like Food center or some other. Believe you me you can earn a lot from this only. Secondly, if you are well in your field you can also be a teacher here. Most demanding jobs here are computer jobs. The people who works on software. They are really very successful because they know how to do work. I am also doing computer science and I observed a lot about it