Katas Raj » A Blend of Natural and Historical Beauty

When we talk about beauty and history at the same place the name of Katas Raj comes in mind. Katas Raj temples have a sufficient place in Pakistan’s history. As Hindus remain with Muslims for decades and separate in 1947. So their sacred as well as historic and religious place was left before in Pakistan, as people can move but places can’t. These temples are ancient that as old as Mahabharata of Hinduism. A brilliant celebration at the temples of Katas Raj is celebrated even till now. Many Hindu families often visit here for worship especially in the days of yearly celebrations. And not only Hindus but visitors and tourist mostly visited the place. Rush in the Katas Raj in holidays is seeable.

Katas Raj Temple


The historic story of the place is that Shiva lived here for so many years with his beloved wife. It is said that at the death of Sati (Shiva’s wife) he weep enough so the pound before the temple was formed with his tears. It is a believer of them and they also believe that one who baths in the pool his old sins would be forgive. This is very deep and no one can map its deepness. According to local people this water pool is deep enough that many young boys drown over there. Five Pandua brothers meeting place was this and they remain here four years of their migration. They were the heroes of Sanskrit.
Architecture of Katas Raj is amazing. A Group of seven temples which is known as SATGRAHA sited there and attract tourist. All the temples are in square form. The Shiva, Hanuman and Ramchandra temples are found there, famous for Hindus worship. And Harri Singh havelli have also a unique attraction for its architecture, it is closed from the all sides besides entrance. A beautiful location is that view of the pool from all the sides is visible. As these temples was ancient and was losing the beauty so government take notice o it and reconstruct temples.
A beautiful valley named Choa sadden Shah located very close to katas raj. The terms of Hindus with Muslims of Choa sadden Shah were great before the separation. When the time of separation, Hindus of that time give all their money and jewelries to their friends of Choa Sadden Shah whom with they spend a long time and good terms. This shows that the great splendid valley of Choa Saiden Shah was centre of Culture and civilization even in those ancient days.

Tourists attract towards this place especially those who are interested in history. Not just because of its history but katas Raj’s stunning location is also a reason. Cadet collage near Katas Raj is just opposite of the temples. Ex President Muharf, he inaugurated the collage just opposite to the temples. Tamples of Kaas Raj position between Choa Saiden shah and Kalar kahar road. For the distance of 3 to 4 kilometer a beautiful valley of Choa Saiden Shah and its attractive guest house push the visitors towards it. From this guest house the view of the whole valley just brings the visitors into another world. Beautiful gardens, a waterfall, local bazaar, a beautiful Mosque that architecture is like Faisal mosque and the shrine of Hazrat Saiden Shah Sherazi all this scene from that guest house which is located in surroundings of gardens on the top of valley. This whole valley outlook by lush green hills. Rose water is specialty of Choa Saiden Shah.
The Temples and Stupas of Katas Raj are the witness of ancient glory of this area. And the shrine of Hazrat Saiden Shah Sherazi has also a religious history although not old as the temples. Religious importance of the place is prominent. History, nature and beauty of the place make a unique feature from other places.