The Only Hindu Temple At Dubai

Dubai is not only number one building making,huge structure making country it also respect other’s religion. That’s why their temple is also a place for visitors attraction. That temple is locally known as Shiva and Krishna Mandir. Hindu community of Dubai and United Arab Emirates perform their religious activities without any fear and restriction they gather here and fulfill their prayers in front of their Gods.

Hindus religion

Hindus Religion

It is the only temple in this city of Dubai. The Indian consulates run that temple and manage their things. Many marriages are perform there and different ceremonies are conducted there. 2.6 million Hindu people worship there and live happily, that is the 30% of UAE.

The temple’s visit give you different atmosphere, the shoe racks are always full and ready to give you place for your shoe placement. The flower shop’s main customers are ladies, kids and old women. They buy these flower adjust and tie it in there hairs and for enhancing God’s beauty. The fragrance of flower is just speechless.


Dubai is not only care the Muslims it also care the other religions.

After that you see the small grocery shop which contain Indian goods,milk, coconut, sweet, fruits and Bhog for offering by there worshiper’s pooja  and visitors. Weekends and Sundays are the most busiest days in that temple when all worshipers and visitors come to visit here or come for praying or religious ceremony. Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva is the main famous God of that temple and that Mandirs are dedicated to them.

That temple is near the Dubai museum. There are many size and material of idols like bronze, silver and gold. Lakshmi,Ganesh, Krishna, Shiva, Sai Baba and Saraswati all are available there. Hindu’s religious Tulsi Tree is also available here for sale and the visitors must buy it as a souvenir. Different Gods and Goddess pictures are also available here for sale.


If we respect other’s religion then others respect our too.

The management of this temple is perfect and appreciative. Every devotees reach to there respected idol and pray in front of it. Every one get Persad and drink. There holy Bhakti songs are always sing there at the time of prayers and devotees are sited in managed rows and listen it carefully.

The atmosphere of that temple is speechless. Full of my heart’s feeling i thank to those who build it, who manage it, who take care of it. In foreign land, where no one knows you and you don’t know any one else then you need your God and when you see a shelter or place where your region’s fellows are get together and meet with you then you spend your good time with them and feel happy and satisfied. The discipline environment enhance there beauty. Every one going in a queue for see there God or God’s darshan. The management try to provide problem free environment and darshan.