Working Visa in Kuwait

What is a Working VISA :-
Working VISA in a specific country is granted on one of the following situations.

• You have the right to work in that country base on your ancestry or nationality or you have a work partner belonging to that country.

• You have a valid work permit to enter their country. Usually this work permit is granted by the company you are working for or from your employer.

• Based on your qualifications, skills or work experience you are given a temporary or permanent working VISA.

Working VISA in Kuwait:-
Conditions to Get a Working VISA:-
• You are called by
• Kuwait based company or sponsor
• Your application is signed by a Kuwait based sponsor
• A copy is needed with the sponsor’s signature on it for business purpose
• A copy of all letters sponsor is sending to you for business or work purposes.

Your immediate family members can visit you provided by the fact that they have proof of relationship with you and eligibility is required for them

Procedure to Get A Working VISA:-
First of all if you are a Kuwaiti resident for twenty years then you can sponsor yourself for a VISA. You do not have to go through the formal requirements. But if you are not then you will get a Visit VISA and then the Working VISA for this purpose. VISA and entry permits ae supposed to be used within ninety days from the date of being issued and within your thirty days stay in Kuwait. Sponsorship is a must thing. If order to enter Kuwait there must be someone who is sponsoring you either he is your relative, friend, business partner or employer.

Requirements :-

To apply for business purpose you need to fulfil following requirements.
• Original and signed passport valid for two years with a blank VISA page.
• Kuwaiti VISA application form with one copy
• Two recent photographs of  yourself in plain white background
• A self-written letter containing the following information, length of your stay, names of the places you intend to visit, your accommodation information, and your contact information in country.
• You should not have been involved in any criminal activity. It should be cleared by your country’s criminal department and still if there is some criminal activity, a hand written explanation and evaluation of the crime must be provided.
• You need to undergo proper medical testing to ensure that you do not carry any disease to their country especially if you are from a country where some recent viral disease is spread. You need to provide an original health certificate signed and stamped by a medical  doctor. You need to be tested for following diseases HIIV, Hepatitis B and C, Fibreless, Malaria, Syphilis and medical testing for Tuberculosis (which is a chest X-Ray).
• You need to provide original employment contract
• A VISA application and security form by the sponsor
• Copy of Sponsor’s passport
• Copy of Sponsor’s Civil ID
• Pay slip of sponsor. Sponsor must have at last salary of KD 250 per month.
• The documented and verified proof for family members

If you are new employee and currently on a Visit VISA, then you need to return home to get a medical certificate or go to Bahrain to get it. You will be further tested out the Ports and Health Division Board in Shukawaikh for other infectious diseases. Then you will get a residency certificate along with your fingerprints. Then residency application is submitted and residency permit is granted. After that you can sponsor your wife and male children if they are above 20. They will have to pass through same security clearances as you. Then you will have to apply for Civil ID which is valid for 2 years
“The regulations to enter country get Working VISA and residency permit keep on changing with increasing security issues so contact through Kuwaiti Embassy in your country.”

Hurdles of Working in Kuwait:-
Some things must be kept in mind before you pack your bags and leave for Work in Kuwait.
The contract you sign with a company is of two years and once it ends you are forced to return to your country.  Open-ended contracts also have 6 months gap in between. The changing of jobs in Kuwait is a difficult task.  Your sponsor will not allow to do so. Legal conditions are very strict. So before you go keep the hurdles in mind that you can return to your country empty handed, not earning piles of money.