LaGuardia Airport in New York

LaGuardia Airport is an international airport in the Northern part of New York City. The airport is located on the waterfront of Bower Bay or Flushing Bay and has the sharing borders of Jackson Heights and Astoria. La Guardia Airport covers the area of 680 acres.

The La Guardia Airport is the largest airport system in United States of America and second largest airport in term of traffic of passengers and a number one in term of total flights operations.  The population of LaGuardia airport keeps on increasing and increasing and in the year 2015, it has the traffic of 31.4 million passengers. La Guardia Airport has always been busy in providing transportation and services to the Europe.  La Guardia airport has always been criticized due to its bad facilities and services to the passengers and it is rated as the third world country airport. The passengers have always complained of the bad airport runways that they are too short giving the feeling of landing on an aircraft carrier.

Construction of La Guardia Airport:-

The La Guardia Airport was transformed by the Curtiss In 1929. Then in 1934-45 the initiative of commercial flights were taken by the people. New York Mayor La Guardia asked people to take an initiative to build an airport inside their city. The people of New York City supported this movement and the American Airlines approved of this project of La Guardia and asked to build an airport in the city of La Guardia to travel to cities of Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Airport was dedicated to as the New York Municipal Airport in October, 1939 and was opened on December. The airport became a financial success in a few years due to the high costs of travelling from passengers. The La Guardia Airport keeps on expanding and it became the reason of closing the airports nearby of it. Now the La Guardia Airport has four runways at 45-degree angles to each other. The two of the runways were closed later on and in 1965. The remaining runway were extended to the 7,000ft.

The La Guardia has the four Air Terminals. A, B, C and D. The terminals A and D are maintained by the airline themselves and the terminals A, C and D are operated by the Delta Airlines and the Terminal B is under direct port authority operation. The terminal A is the home of the largest created terminals which connects to the largest histories of the airport. This is the largest airport of Aviation. The Terminal B is serving most of the La Guardia Airlines. It is six blocks long and has four central story wings. The terminals C and D are the later constructed terminals to expand the area and facilities of La Guardia Airport.


Different Airlines from La Guardia Airport operated from the different terminal of A, B, C and D. The famous airlines are as follows. American Airlines, Air Canada, Air Canada Express, American eagle, American Airline Shuttle, Delta Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, South west Airlines, Virgin Airlines, Jet Blue Airways and West Jet Airways.

Incidents at La Guardia Airport:-

Since the La Guardia Airport is one of the most dangerous airport and the scariest airport in the world. Many incidents and accidents happened in the previous years which includes

  • On the 1st Feb, 1957 Northeast Airline s flight, 823 crashed while taking off into the Rikers Island. 21 people were killed out of 101
  • On December 1960, two flights collided with each other and resulted in killing of 134 people. One was TWA flight 266 and the other was      United Airlines Douglas DC-8
  • Constant wind sheers on the La Guardia due to the surrounding beaches result in crashing of airplanes. And on 4th January, 1974 such thing happened. A Douglas C-47A N7 of Federal Aviation crashed while landing approach on the La Guardia Airport
  • On September 21, 1989, US Air Flight 5050 bound for Charlotte crashed after taking off from the La Guardia Airport due to winds and weather conditions from the East River in an attempt to turn around the airplane. This accident was so severe that the plane broke into three pieces and the two passengers died in the result
  • On the 2nd March, 1992, US Air Flight 405 which was going to Cleveland in Ohio crashed after taking off from the La Guardia Airport. The reason for crash was that it was cold and there was snow on the wings of the airplane. Out of 51 people on the board 27 were killed