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English is one of the most speaking languages in the world and is the most common language. It is so common that I am writing this article in English. It has a great value and quality and in every country, it is given importance by the people. If you see socially then even an illiterate tries to write their feelings in English. Everything is now based in English, Web, studies, companies almost everything and it can be changed. English learning is also now very common and there are thousands of people who are learning English for different purposes. Like someone is learning because they want their communication level best, while some of them are learning so that they can apply for Visa in abroad and there are different types of reasons. Learning English is beneficial in this era because now in Visa for abroad you need to have a course in English. The English course name is IELTS that is so very common that even aged people are going for it. In every house, elders taught their child to go for English medium things and every product is taken out in English. You can see a height of value is that our Urdu words are also written in English. In our technology, this language takes place. So here you will how to learn English and what procedure it needed in learning English and how to apply in the centers of English language and what are the requirements as well. English learning are also done through books and newspapers and different articles are published daily so that people can make their vocabulary well. So, stay tuned with our website! Leave your comments as well and share it on your social walls! And yes learn English as much as you can.