How To Learn English

English, one of the most speaking languages in the world, a language that is mostly speak by every company. Our students are taught that how to speak English, our elders never say speak Urdu or something. Well, this is something other which is long to discuss. English is a language that is spoken on big events, almost in every event. If you go to a meeting, English is there. In presentations, English is in writing, in debates English is the first priority, in wishing someone English is the key and last but not the least, to impress someone English is the head. I mean English has so much respect and value though it isn’t our language it is a language of non-muslims, still people runs behind it. This language gives a perfect layout of your way of presenting. From the time of 90s, this is happening that English is the supreme type of language which everyone wants to learn. Once I was going to my friend’s place in Rickshaw, so he said to me I want to learn English, tell me how to learn it, I bought a book of learning English but I cannot understand much from it. I want to learn properly. So I told him not to but a book but go to a center where teachers can guide you on it. And we talked for 5 minutes and literally he was talked to me so long that I was fed up listening him to be honest. And he was so in a mood in this talk, that if I give him low fare, he could have accepted that as well. So this is the power of this language that people wanted to learn it at anyhow. I love to learn Urdu as compared to English. Urdu has its own uniqueness, like the poetries are written in it. It really have a lot meaning and perfection. Well, I know no one will realize this, and they all will carry on with the same language in their lives, even I am here writing this article in English.

Okay so learning English is nowadays not really very difficult. You just need to go a center and daah! You are now able to speak English. Well in this era, it is not really very difficult as compared to 10 years ago. Now social media helping people in improving, a failure also knows English words. This modern world needs are now really high. Whatever! So in Pakistan learning English is not that hard. There are many centers opened for the people to learn and to understand English properly. There are many centers like Anees Hussain, Eureka, Berlitz etc those give classes of English. These are 10% centers of Pakistan there are many centers those give the classes. Secondly, a child can learn in English very well in their high schools, because in good high schools they make English as an important, No doubt but from English, your accent improves a lot. Secondly, another way of making your English good is to study in O/A Level. You become so good in English that you can speak it in a fluent way, and difficult words are not so hard for that person. In learning English you don’t need any requirements or some good results, even an illiterate who haven’t studied a class, can also participate and learn English. Nowadays, online applying is also done and if a coaching center hasn’t this facility then you have to go to that center. But believe you me almost every in every street branches are opened. There are many branches in Pakistan where people can learn and fee is around 2-3 thousand rupees per month. Courses are focused and tests are also taken. Coaching Centers are doing much for the students and best centers are Eureka and Berlitz. So go for classes and make your English best!