Loans, which are the best thing when you need big amount. In this era, banks introduced many types of loans like Personal Loans, Secured Loans, Home loans, Auto loans etc. In Pakistan, there are many people who needs big amount. Like farmers of Pakistan, who needs big machines like Tractor Harvester which shorten their work quantity. In this category of loans, you will find amazing articles about Loans. You can take out every information from our articles. Every loan’s description are present here. Excluding Banks, in Pakistan, Government introduced many schemes for the people who needs loans. Like the ones, who desperately needs a car, or a house. Through these loans you can easily fulfill your need. Loans, advantages and disadvantages, are the biggest points for the people. Because firstly, people sees that what conditions loans gives and how much it is beneficial for the people around. Loans, are given by banks and the people who owns big things and in return they takes some valuable thing from receiver. What I saw in the people is that they avoid to take loans because interest is involve in it and in our religion it is not acceptable. Interest free loans are best to gain. Like in the world of Islamic teaching, you cannot compromise. Interests loans are not good. Well, loans are given to the people who are needy or you have a high salary. The ones who owns Identity Card, the ones who have a salary above 30-40 thousand and the ones whose history and past is fine and good. Only these people can avail these loans. So loans are the finest procedure. Like the youngsters, who marry newly, they want a house in which they can live, and then they need a car in which they can travel. So, this is a great thing for the people.