Dubai Metro Train Network Technology

Dubai Metro is a driverless , completely automated metro train network in Dubai. It was inaugurated at 09:09:09pm on 9 September 2009 by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and it is the first rail network in Arabian peninsula. Dubai metro has been declared as the Worlds longest full automated rail network by Guinness Worlds Records. Metro has 47 stations, 9 underground, 2 transfer stations (Union Square and Khalid Bin Waled), 87 trains are already present in the metro system of Dubai and the total track is 75 kilometers. The project of metro was planned by Sheikh Mohammed due to the rapid increase in population ; traffic and blocked roads were the major problem of the city.

Metro Train Network

Metro Train Network

The Dubai metro train is basically divided in two categories which are : Economy and the other one is Gold. The charges of gold are twice the cost of economy and very few people can be seen  in that area due to more charges. Beside this, the interiors are also differently made and has five themes to make the stations more striking and attractive. The five themes are : Heritage , Earth , Air , Water and Fire. They are different , contains the unique meaning and also made according to their names.

There is no issue of parking for those who have their own cars and wants to ride the metro. The metro train Dubai has built the large multi level parking and has a capacity to accommodate more than 8000 vehicles.

Furthermore, there is also a facility for disabled people, specific spaces are made for them to get their wheelchairs in. Plus, metro provides you with platform screen doors which has flash lights with it to maintain the safety purpose for passengers.

Metro Train in Dubai

Dubai Metro Train

In addition to this, metro Dubai has all the services which are essential for a passenger whos travelling in the rail. For e.g – A person can communicate with the train staff if some accident occurs (Emergency cases). Dubai metro is also planning to launch a Wifi availability to benefit the passengers so they can use their laptops or cell phones and it will be provided by Du.

Issues With Dubai Metro

  • Commuters are disappointed because the Dubai Metro does not operate on Friday morning. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has probably assumed that very few people travel in the morning, since Friday is a holiday. However, many people work on Friday morning and with the lack of metro facilities, it causes a lot of inconvenience as buses and taxis are very costly whereas the metro is cheaper.
  • During the peak hours, the red line trains to Jebel Ali and Rashidiya are often overcrowded.
  • Often, the synchronization between the platform service doors and the train doors are either slow or sometimes, it fails.