Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia

The nursing job is primarily related to the health care profession and this job has a lot market value in Saudi Arabia. Many of the people belonging to various regions of the world apply for nursing jibs in Saudi Arabia especially the ones belonging to the USA.

Why People Look of Nursing Job in Saudi Arabia:-

While talking about nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia, people think about the tax free income and the opportunity to have the savings and for the others it is just about money. Or perhaps a person who is now free and in search of the new adventures when you travel to Saudi Arabia in search of the job you have to keep in mind that you may be needing the learning experience on many fronts and the diseases would be different because there the patients come from the different and variety of cultures all around the world.  You might have to work with the people and patients who does not understand the English or you work with a coworker, you have more experience than him/her but you are less paid because you are coming from and belonging to a country where this profession is less paid. So be ready for this profession. But yes you can also have a lot of me time in which you can focus on the tennis game, learn to play bridge, participate in local theatres or musical groups.

It is a much better option for you to work here if you are social, likes to travel, no judgmental, open to cultures.  You have a great background of education and have learnt a lot of new ways in medicine and nursing. Most importantly you need to be optimistic and energized to contribute to your job, to the hospital community and to the foreign community because these are the only characteristics which will let you thrive in a foreign community. Finally the women with higher self-esteem and self-assurance are a lot preferred over there.

Requirements of Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia:-

The job requirement in nursing department in Saudi Arabia requires the experience of 2-3 years in nursing department, good communication strategies and skills, the ability to handle pressure,. There are no specific requirements to work there. You just need to thrive in your job and your community as well.

How to Apply:-

Well to get a job in nursing department in Saudi Arabia, you have to apply online. There are millions of companies hiring nurses and health care professions in the Saudi Arabia due to the increasing number of diseases in Middle East and all around the world. Some of the companies include Jimmy International,  Jessina Marine Services, Sound line, future solutions, Global Nest Limited (Inc), R.K international, Alrite International.  The best website to look for the nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia is This site and other sites will guide you with the complete information regarding the jobs.

The Salaries of Nursing Jobs in Saudi Arabia:-

Saudi Arabia can pay you the handsome amount of the salaries in nursing jobs and overall health sector if you are experienced because there the salaries depend upon the experience. For the people  with the entry level experience of 0-5 years, the pay is around SAR, 20-60K but less than 60K, for the people with the 5-10 years of experience, the pay is around 60-80 K. the experienced people with experience of 10-20 K, the pay is around 100-120 K and the people with experience of more than 20 years, the pay is around or more than 140K. Plus you could have the bonuses as well which are also around the 3-4 K. and the pay scales are somehow different in different cities.

Life as Nurse in Saudi Arabia:-

Both the men and women have the equal chance of getting a job here as the nurse. Some of the benefit you can enjoy are a stress free luxurious life at least more luxurious than your own country but in the struggling years you can have problem dealing with different environment, culture and language.