Tips For Oily Skin

Today almost every man and woman is facing a skin problem, known as oily skin. Honey, aloe Vera, apple, tomatoes, sunscreen are the best solution for it. Skin is the outer most layer of our body. Skin structure depends on the geographical areas and the climate of specific area. Different types of skins has different problems. Oily skin is one of them. Mostly women have skin problems and they apply different beauty products for it without judging their skintype which can damage their skin. Women with oily skin feel little greasy every time. Women with oily skin carry dust and dirt quickly which can cause blocked pores, black heads, and pimples. To deal with oily skin is not an easy task. Oily skin girls also face the problem of pimples; acne, blackheads, black spots and it also give dark color look, because the oil on face catches all the dust in the air.

Tips For Oily Skin

Tips For Oily Skin

There are certain remedies for oily skin which can add glow to skin:
Cleansing is best remedy for oily skin. Cleansing whips all the dirt from skin and protects the skin from clog pores, acne.

Lemon and cucumber:
Mix equal amounts of lemon and cucumber juices and apply on face then wash after some time. It will give your oily skin a fair color.

Keep sunscreen with you. Sun protection is essential for any skin type. Most sunscreens come as a cream or lotion, which is tricky even for oily skin types.

Use of honey:
Mix equal quantities of milk and honey apply this mask on face for some time till dry completely. It will provide you fairer complexion.

Use of tomatoes:
Uses of vegetables are best solution for skin problems. Mixture of curd and tomato is also very good to solve oily skin problems and give fair color.

Yogurt and oily skin:
Make a paste of cucumber pulp and yogurt and apply this on the face. Wash with cold water after some time, it will give you cool effect and fair color as well.

Use of almond oil:
Almond oil best for skin mix few drops of almond oil with lemon and apply it on skin leave it for some time than wash within a month you will feel difference.

Scrubbing is very god activity at home. Use scrubs after 2 days which will clean the skin deeply and decrease the oil gestures.

Apple is very good mask for oily skin. Blend some slice of apple with honey and apply it on skin it will give shinny effect to skin.

Use a clay mask:
Masks help draw out dirt and oil, keeping pores clean. These products can also dry out the skin; however, so make sure you don’t overuse them. Use Once a week.

Avoid harsh soaps and creams:
Any product which contains harsh chemicals should not apply on a skin it can damage skin and van produce oil over skin.

Stop using heavy cosmetics:
People with oily skin should use less cosmetics because it can make skin oily and produce dirt over skin.

Keep separate towels:
People who have skin issues should use separate towels.

Aloe Vera for oily skin:
The aloe Vera plant has many therapeutic properties, including treating burns, cuts, and infections. It is also effective on oily skin and acne.
Cut an aloe leaf in half and squeeze out the gel.
Apply the gel evenly over your face.
Allow the gel to dry. After it dries, rinse it off with cool water.
This can be repeated two or three times a day.