Police Job Visa For Oman

Oman provides a handsome amount of jobs in Police sector. As the world is facing the new threats and the new terrorism attacks, the pressure is shifted towards the Eastern countries especially the Middle East countries because these countries provide a way and pavement to sneak into the other European and Asian countries.

Nature of the Job:-

The nature of the Police Job in Oman is very stressful requires a lot of hard work, dedication and effort according to the officials of the ROP (Royal Oman Police) but people do enjoy it because of the wide variety of the benefits and working selflessly for the community. You will be paid very high as well which keep on increasing due to new labor laws.

About The Police Jobs in Oman:-

ROP (Royal Oman Police is the major Police agency working in Oman which has a lot of facilities. The Police is working on Police Coast guard commands, the Sea Rescue Group, the Aviation Group and it has also been working in Civil Affairs, the Road and Safety groups, custom, traffic police, the ambulance services. So you can get job in all varieties of sectors. In Oman the Police jobs are not only working for men but the women have an equal chance of recruitment as well. The men and women can apply both and women are also offered some great opportunities.

How to Apply for the Oman Police Job:-

The Royal Police of Oman Sultanate has an official website the interested applicants are required to apply online. Firstly go the website of Royal Police of Oman website ROP there you can get can apply. The application procedures include the following steps, firstly fill up the Online Visa Application Form, and Print the completed form along with the required documents to the nearest ROP office. Then after submitting your application online you will get an application number along with the reference key through which you can tack the status of your application.

Requirements of the Job:-

The qualifications needed for the job are Diploma in Security and Safety concerns with a minimum of 5 years or less than 10 years. After you complete the application process you may need to go to the Working VISA conditions in which some basic things include.

  • The company willing to hire like Police Department in Oman has to deal with the Working VISA documents
  • It is necessary to get a signed Work permit Omani Directorate General of Labor Affairs and a letter of job invitation
  • Get right about your details of sex, age, date of birth , current employment , employment history and nationality
  • You need to provide all the necessary qualifications certifications, diplomas and degrees relevant to the job you are taking.
  • You need to provide your two recent photograph s of 4cm X 6cm
  • The Oman Ministry of health does a medical testing for people belonging to these nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Sudan, Indonesia, Philippines and Siri Lanka. You are tested for HIV, tuberculosis, and other current viral diseases to ensure that you are not carrying any disease to their country.
  • Applicants need to comply with all the laws in the state otherwise you will be subjected to the legal actions
  • You are not allowed to work for another person than your sponsor. So it means if you are applying for a Police Job go for the Police Job otherwise a strict legal action will be taken against you.
  • You can reject the job at any moment without any reason and no question will be asked regarding it
  • You may need to renew your residency permits after 2 years
  • For Omani citizens the age limit required is 18 years for the non-nationals and 17 years for the nationals

Benefits of Working in Police in Oman:-

  • You get a free airline ticket from your country like India or Pakistan to your desired destination of employment and return after the completion of your contract which is of usually 5 years
  • You get a 2 years employment contact and a 40 days leave
  • Food and accommodation equipped with security facilities are provided
  • Working hours will be 8 per day and working days will be 5 days per week. Overtime can be done in accordance with the labor laws
  • Medical facilities are well provided in all private hospitals
  • Insurances of accidents will be covered by your company
  • Other numerous facilities and benefits will be provided in accordance with Oman Labor laws