Work Visa For Oman

It is allowed at the solicitation of a neighborhood support or a sponsor (a company or a person). The age limit to have working VISA in Oman is 21 years.  The working VISA in Oman is type of documentation that is only received when you are in partnership with the Omani sponsor.  So it makes the condition of getting job before arriving to Oman.
The process of getting Working VISA in Oman is quite hectic and extensive but fortunately this burden has not to be faced by the foreigners coming for job. This burden and work has to be taken by the employer or the sponsor. But you still have to face for this easy task. It is very difficult to change jobs in Oman. It is because to change a job you need a No Objection Certification (NOC) from the previous employer which is not given in most cases or you have the option to leave country for a minimum of two years. Then again apply for some company, again pass through procedure of getting Working VISA to find work in Oman
The legitimacy of VISA is of three months for the date of issuance. The Working VISA is substantial for expansion and numerous other sections. The expenses of VISA is 20 Omni Riyals and the fine for reestablishment is 50 Omni Riyals per month

Conditions for a Working VISA:-

The sponsor should have a full legitimate limit, and be in charge of reality of the data given in the application structure.

The individual applying for Working VISA should not be of below 21 years or above 61 years

The Directorate General of Labor Affairs issues the work license and the individual might be of the same sex as expressed in
The occupation or employment details should match for both the Working License and Work VISA

The procedure and requirements:-

Get a job to Work in Oman from a suitable employer or company
The company willing to hire you can get the help of your sponsor or local sponsor to deal with Working VISA documents
It is necessary to get a  signed Work permit Omani Directorate General of Labor Affairs and a letter of job invitation from the hiring company
Fill the application online with the suitable and accurate details
Get right about your details of sex, age, date of birth ,  current employment , employment history and nationality
Once the process of your application forwards, it needs to checked, signed and stamped by your sponsor or your sponsoring company and then application is typed in English for non- Arab nationals and in Arabic for Arabic speakers.
You need to have a passport with the expiry date beyond your years you want to work.
You need to provide all the necessary qualifications certifications, diplomas and degrees relevant to the job you are taking. This things need to be certified.
You need to provide your two recent photograph s of 4cm X 6cm
The Oman Ministry of health does a medical testing for people belonging to these nationals of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Egypt, India, Sudan, Indonesia, Philippines and Siri Lanka. You are tested for HIV, tuberculosis, and other current viral diseases to ensure that you are not carrying any disease to their country.

Exceptional Methods:-
In the case when you are transferring the sponsorship within the country, there should be letter of release for you by the previous sponsor and this has to be approved by the Directorate General of Labor. All of the previous violations which you made including the extra fines must be paid and cleared when the application of Working VISA is submitted

People residing in some countries need extra permits such as Filipino housemaids needs labor permit from their country before submitting the Working VISA’s application.

The VISA is only allowed for 2 years and permitted for multiple entries. Oman’s government I becoming strict in matters of giving employment to the people who are foreigners so to grant them Working VISA. They want to keep their country save from the problem of unemployment. The companies want to hire foreigners because of no standard of education in Oman and foreigners are better than locals. But to do so they had to pass through rigorous procedure. They need to make it sure that no other local employee us suitable for this position so they are hiring a foreigner and sooner or later, a local employee will replace the foreigner once he gets qualified upto the level of job.