Pastels and Neutrals

Sometimes a person doesn’t want to go for the bright and dark colours and prefer to carry the soft and light tones according to their mood. If you are among those people who have their mind stuck on wearing something light and soft coloured, than pastels and neutrals are here for you. Yes these soothing tones of different colours are actually a life saver for many as these colours give you an elegant and decent look without overloading you with colour and sharpness. These hues can be worn on any occasion without doubting your appearance and looks. Whether you are a working person or a school/college going student, neutrals will definitely compliment your look when blended with the right accessories and hues.

neutral colour pallete


Some of the ways you can carry these colours are:

Sequins: The best thing about pastel colours or neutral shades is that they are not specified for happy occasions or sad ones. They are not tagged as formal colours or casual. Neutrals and pastels can be worn on occasions like wedding too by blending them with sequins and shimmery jewelry. So if you don’t feel like weary red, pink, orange, dark green, royal blue, yellow or other brighter and darker colours on a wedding, how about wear grey, silver, teal, coral, soft peach or lilac dress with sequins on it and pair it with delicate but prominent jewelry items.

sequin dresses

sequin dresses

Tinge of dark or bright: All of your wardrobe doesn’t have to be pale and neutral. you can combine some bright and dark colours with light and soft hues. With your major colour as a neutral, the simple and light touches of a dark or bright colour will look very stylish giving you a look you desire.

Pastel/neutral bottom: A pastel skirt or trouser paired with a plain or printed shirt is a perfect casual attire. You can also compliment your look by combining a dark shirt with a neutral trouser.

Pastel/neutral top: Another way to wear a pastel is if you choose a dark, printed or floral bottom, skirt or trouser with a plain pastel shirt. when going for a dress, you can carry you pastel dress with a dark or bright cape, wrap or shrug.


neutral tops

Hats/belts: In accessories you can either wear a bright hat and belt with a pale outfit or carry a neutral belt and hat with a dark outfit. In this way your attire and accessories are both in harmony and prominent.

Shoes/bags: Shoes and handbags are very important accessories for not just women but men too. So blend these luxuries with pastel tones to give them a prominent appearance. Neutral heels of cream and nude colour are the top fashion these days so don’t miss them out. 🙂

Office wear: Yes working men and women need hues which are both elegant and formal yet stylish and pastels and neutrals are exactly what they need. Whether its a blazer, shirt, skirt, pants or a handbag, these colours will transform you look from a casual and loud to smooth and classy one.


neutral dresses

College/school outfits: Pastels can never be missed out by the students because these colours are loved and suitable for all students no matter what personalities they have. From nerds to bold people, neutrals are everyone’s colours. Whether its exam time or a seminar you are attending, an interview or a presentation, these hues will be your best choice.

soft neutral wardrobe

neutral coloured outfit

Popular pastels/neutrals: Lilac, soft peach, cream, sand colour, grey, silver, white, mint, teal, coral, beige, choco etc.

So anybody who tells you these are old people colours, don’t listen to them and experiment the delicate pastels and neutrals, giving yourself a different yet elegant appearance.