A Tinge of Red in Fashion

Red is considered as one of the most versatile colour as this can be worn on various occasions with the right colour and  accessories. From weddings to coffee parties to college farewells and bonfire nights, red covers all types of events giving one an elegant and classy appearance. However, what matters the most is how you carry red colour on you as aside from being an attractive hue, it is also a very sharp and bold colour and therefore, to make your appearnce a well matched and stylish one, some tricks and tips must be used.



It is not necessary to wear the outfit all in red or that the large portion of your attire should be red, instead a tinge of red matched with a colour which compliments it would perform a better job at making you appear stylish yet graceful. Red is known as the colour of love, boldness, warmth and is one of the most romantic and intense colours and therefore if some people prefer to wear it, there are people who shy away from carrying red. So in this article i will discuss the many different ways red can be included in your wardrobe without making it too loud.

red bottoms

Trousers: Coloured trousers are the ‘it’ fashion since last two years and have not been out even now. A red trouser blended with a white, black, blue, or even yellow shirt would definitely look classy and will not make the whole outfit very bold.

Skirts:For a more feminine appearance, long skirts are ones best choice. One can wear the beloved red colour in the form of a red long skirt complimented with any colour of your choice and to complete the look, one can use matching accessories.

red skirt

red skirt

Shirts: If you plan to go with  a blue denim, black or white trousers, than how about a red shirt. For jewelry one can compliment the outfit with pearls as red looks very appealing with pearls.


Dresses: Ok so when i mention dresses and that too RED,  do not think of appearing as a red cherry. Even if you plan to go with a red dress, it can always be blended with another colour so that the dress doesn’t appear too loud and bold. Pearls, a white or black complimenting colour with red and a nude nail enamel with nude colored heels will definitely  complete a formal look.

Red and black dress:

Belts: Red, even when worn in small quantities performs its function in making your look a very classy and confident one. Wear a white or black dress or any other colour of your choice and compliment it with a red belt and you don’t have to worry about anything related to red.

black and white dress red belt

Shoes: Yes, hell and sometimes flats too, every woman’s beloved accessories. No matter what colour your outfit is, red shoes without a doubt steal away all the attention. Do wear red heels when off for a party or a wedding or any occasion you want to wear it to.

Bags: A large red hobo bag or tote will also attract equal attention and is a sign of firmness and boldness. Carry a red bag in the cold days of winter for a more warm and classy appearance.

red bag

red bag


Lip/nail colour: lip and nail enamel are the two things a woman would not miss when getting ready for an event so why not choose a shade of red instead of some other one.