Ritual And Vogue Of Mehndi

Some things which we use today are a traditional connection with our cultures. We use mahandi for fashion and look trendy or cultured look. Mahandi is basically originated with ancient India and Muslims of Pakistan carry it after some years. Those who love mahandi, chooria etc we think they are cultured loving person. Fashion doesn’t mean to wear or carry different and unusual thing, fashion means the way which gives you great and satisfied look. In old days our grandmothers use mehndi for hair color they make a paste and apply it on the head. They consider mehndi color as a good luck symbol. In summer, they think and it happened that mehndi give u cool effect and those who have humid issue they must apply mehndi paste on their head. Men also apply mehndi on their head and mustaches.

head decoration with mehndi.


In start mehndi is just a round shape sun style pattern on hand but now with the passage of time it is an art which every bridal carry on their wedding day. Mehndi designer also open their offices for booking now. And it is become expensive day by day. Mehndi is skin decorating art which give a beautiful smell with diligent look. Now mehndi is available in cones and in pointed filling pens.

In wedding, mehndi is a traditional event which is most favorable and fun filling for young and old people. That event is mostly held separately, bridal’s family conducted in their house and broom’s family also arranged in their house. Every girl decorates their hands and feet on that day. Men also designed Tattoos with that mehndi. Which not pain your skin and after some time it remove and you can think about another design. Mehndi hair color is most famous in old age people, they love that color or carry it without hesitation.


We use mehndi for fashion and look trendy or cultured look.

Some men and women who are clear head no hair symbols are available on their head they also decorate their head with that mehndi design. Foreigner’s love to decorate their skin in different manner they decorate their clean head with mahandi designs and feel fashionable and trendy. In Asia, especially in Pakistan, India or Bangladesh mehndi designs and variety. Visitors must carry  Cone mehndi from those countries or we gift them.

In olden days women apply mahandi with the help of leaf tail. But now it is apply with the help of plastic cone. The mehndi color is most concern question is consider on the day of weeding because old ladies thing the more color which appears on the hand is the sing of loving husband and mother-in-law. Now Glitter and Colored mehndies are available in markets which give your mehndi design more decorated and eye catching.

Mehndi design books are also available in shops which help those who are new in that field. Old daddies mix herbs with lemon in a bowl and make mehndi in home. Which has no side effect and pure. Flowers, lines, geometric design also show their region specialty. In Middle East women draw large flower pattern, in Asia it is in lines and laces pattern. In Egypt they make geometric design with filling pattern.