Hotel Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Hotels, are the best places for the people when they come for tours, and every hotel wants to increase their quality as much as they can. An organization needs many people to handle it correctly and greatly. You have seen the hotels that are popular or famous or great in work and the only reason behind it, great amount of management and staff. There are many jobs present in hotels and many people wants people to involve in it. Well, hotel’s job in Saudi Arabia are quite good as they are offering many things in jobs. Different jobs like Chef, Front Office, beverages, Finance, Engineering, Sales and marketing etc. Hotels just want to make their service, fast, good and accurate. In Saudi Arabia, hotels are really very demanded and they take the best care of the hotels of Saudi Arabia. Different type of experience, qualifications and people are needed in the hotels. Well, if we talk about Chefs jobs then there are around 50+ jobs for the chefs who can cook greatly, and especially from they need those chefs so that tradition can be applied on food item. In different sites, chef jobs are available. In this jobs what they need is:

High school diploma and 4 year experience in cooking
2 year studies on cooking, food and beverages.

It was about the chefs and no doubt, chefs are the most important employee of a hotel as they give the best taste and gives you the perfection in living in a hotel. So, other than this hotels are in need big need of Finance and Engineering. Finance as you know, is the most important field in an organization and it holds every calculation of incoming and outgoing money. In finance you need to study because hotels directly wants the person who have 4 year experience on financial field. What the need is different studies like BBA, ACCOUNTING, ACCA, CA etc, the fields that falls in commerce. What they need in Finance?

4 year experience in Finance management and qualification of any accountancy studies (including ACCA and CA)
Excel proficiency, a course done in excel and know greatly and deeply about MS EXCEL.

So here requirements are not fully stated but still they need the people who are professional in this field, and in finance it is not so easy in applying and accepting the proposal because they need serious and they need who are qualified and well trained. So for the ones who are tensed because of the qualification, am sorry! It is not for them. Well! If we come to engineering, then there are almost 30-50 jobs in hotels for engineering. In engineering they need the people who can manage the whole laundry, plumbing, electric or A/C Coordinator. These are the engineering I observed in hotels of Saudi Arabia. In this you need different things, like if you are an electrical engineering then they will give you electric but all depends after your graduation. These jobs are for the ones who are graduated. Well so coming up to the next and those are small and I am discussing because I want to tell people who are illiterate and have no qualification can go for these jobs. Jobs like security guards, office boy etc. But these jobs are not published for applying these jobs are can only be avail by going to Saudi Arabia. You can have easy days there, after you get jobs like this in Saudi Arabia, it is never a low pay job and you just need some requirements like how to hold guns, or your diploma or any degree, your intermediate and your records. So there are many jobs of Hotels in Saudi Arabia, and the best jobs for hotels are Chefs only. If you are a chef do go for Saudi’s hotels. I hope it will clear your mind.