Scarf Summer’s Fashion Or Winter’s Need

Scarf is a protecting head wear which is in different color or cloth materials. Scarf fabric is change with the change of weather. In winter girls used wollen or warm thread made scarf but in summer they are mostly used cotton fabric for scarf. Scarf is a fashion oriented thing for many people it change look at the spot without using makeup or high price accessory. It is also a religious symbol for Muslim ladies. Muslim family’s girls or ladies cover their head with scarfs or dupatas.

scarf for bridal


Scarf’s trend is started from Rome and people use it for wipe the sweat from neck and face in hot summer. In start it is the need for people but times change many things with their usage. History shows that it is basically started for men but women carry it in their fashion. In 20th century scarf is a versatile and essential accessory for men and women.

scarf for men

In desert or that dustier areas all citizen wear scarf to protect their hairs, nose or eyes from dust.

In desert or that dustier areas all citizen wear scarf to protect their hairs, nose or eyes from dust. In Muslim houses, on the birth of girl every family must buy scarf for her gift in any stage of her life because we think scarf not only protect our hair from sand or dust it also cover our beauty from the men’s eye. Girl child look too innocent and beautiful in scarf. Before reading the Quran girls carry scarf tightly and read the Quran (the holy book of Allah). In prayers or Salat Muslim girl or lady cover their head with scarf.

In muslim countries all the school, college or university girls wear scarf or in that institute female teachers are also look in scarf or abaya as a dress coat. Muslim ladies shopping in malls, grocery shops or in offices…. No matter where they are they must cover their head with scarf.

For head or hair protection every girl want to wear scarf. Without any religious boundary scarf is in fashion now. Non Muslims also wear scarfs in summer for save their head from the heat of sun and they wear it winter to warm their head and ears from the sharp cold wind. In professional attitudes when women want that no one can disturb them even a single hair then they tie a scarf . some non muslim ladies use scarf just around the neck, some are carry it on just hair or some tie it as a round thread.

style of scarf

Without any religious boundary scarf is in fashion now.

Scarf prints and colors are most eye catching for girls and ladies. Girls buy those scarf which is in cool colors like in summer they wear brown, white, Sky blue, green or red shaded scarf but avoid to black scarf. Muslim bridals are now order their matching scarf with lahnga or bridal dress they look elegant and clean. Girls buy embroidery scarf for party wear and simple printed scarf for casual wear.

Experts says that cotton fiber  is the right material for scarf in summer. Scarf protect you from sun burning or sun tanning. Who drive a motorcycles or walk a lot daily must wear scarf from protecting UV sun rays. In west peoples carry hat with scarf to protect their skin from cancer.