The Only Shoes You Need

The Only Shoes You Need

People have so many shoe collection but when it comes the time to wear them, most people tend to wear one or two shoes over and over again. Down below I have listen the only shoes a women needs in her life in my opinion to make life easy and to be able to wear them.

Nude heels

Nude heels are also very important in my opinion. You can either keep nude flats or boots or heels but I have mentioned heels because you can wear them formally in office, at wedding and parties, and also casually with jeans and palazzos in everyday routine life.

Black heels

Black heels are love and can be worn anywhere with anything. Invest in a nice pair of black heels that are comfortable for you and you can dress them up or down both casually and formally.

Black flats/boots

Black flats and boots are a must for me as my wardrobe is colourful and dark coloured with most things in black. Although people tend go for heels in black but I also suggest keeping either open flats or boots because they look really nice with jean and skirts. I suggest to go buy yourself a pair of black boots and you can rock your look all winter and autum and even spring. For summer I lik open shoes but your life, your choice.


Sneakers I believe is a must because you can wear them on so many occasions, a casual brunch with friends, a hike, traveling, college and university and many more. Buy any colored sneakers that compliment most of your wardrobe and you are good to go. You can use them for gym and work out as well as jogging and walking. Also when in doubt, throw a pair of jeans on, a loose white or black shirt and wear your sneakers, completing the look with a scarf.

White heels/flats

White heels or white flats are not a must for me as my wardrobe is mostly black. But those of you who have light coloured wardrobe might like white shoes. Or you can also switch the white with any colourful shoes so that you get a nice colour pop in your shoe collection.

Brown Coat shoes

Coat shoes are also for winter and I have mentioned brown because this colour also goes with everything. Especially dark brown shoes, they work with all outfits. These days there is a trend of both leather or suede shoes and bags, so if pure leather is too expensive for you, you will love to wear suede as it comfortable but also look very classy.

Black fur shoes

Fur shoes are fur winter and I believe even if you keep just one pair with you, in black, it will be enough because black goes with everything. if your wardrobe consists of light colours than you can switch black fur shoes with some light coloured ones or may be the major colour in your wardrobe.

Rain shoes

If you are living in an area where there is more rainfall, than you must keep a pair of rain shoes in your shoe closet. Rain shoes are excellent to be worn in this weather because your other shoes not only ruin your feel but also get destroyed in the process. The rain shoes are made of special type of plastic that protects the shoes and the feet.

Travel pumps

I have seen so many times that people don’t know what to wear for traveling and end up wearing either heels or shimmer shoes that ruin the shoes as well as that travel comfort for them. If you are someone who has to travel a lot and have to take mediums such as trains and airplanes and even cars or walking, keeping separate travel shoes for these events is a must. Buy something comfortable and cozy and you’ll thank me later.