Top 5 Shopping Malls To Visit in Dubai

Dubai is visited by many people from around the globe as it has more varieties of shopping complexes than many of the countries on mother earth. Many of the people who have visited Dubai rate it as the most addictive place for shopping. It is hard spending days in summers and you don’t even know how to pass the time but the solution to this is that you can go and spend your day in the air conditioned cold freezing malls and have a bit of fun once in a while. If you think that it will be hard to find a suitable mall and it will be boring only shopping the whole day then you are completely wrong. The malls and shops are not just for shopping but you can also find ways of entertainment and have a lot of fun and these malls are the kind of places where you just can’t get bored. Dubai has a total of 69 malls and there are even more on the way. Most of the cities/states have malls that are all almost the same but this is where Dubai is different, Dubai’s all 69 malls have their own fascinating features and the most remembered and charming of all and that has the biggest size is Dubai Mall. Now let us take a look at some of the great malls one by one.

Shopping Malls in Dubai

Shopping Malls in Dubai

MERCATO SHOPPING MALL (location: Jumeirah)

The word mercato is taken from the Italian language which in English means market. Mercato mall is designed to look like a Mediterranean and has a large variety of shopping stores and entertainment outlets. It is a very beautifully designed mall which is visited by many thousands of people every week.

ARABIAN CENTER (location: Khawaneej road)

This mall contains not only 200 shopping stores but also 4 restaurants, 6 cafes and 8 large cinemas. Awarded a Silver Award in the Middle East shopping mall category this place is a complete package for anyone who wants to witness Dubai’s shopping variety and entertainment at its best.

THE MALL OF EMIRATES (location: Al Barsha)

The emirates mall comes in the list of the most fun-filled malls. This isn’t just a mall but it can be counted as a proper shopping complex as it has entertaining places like the ski Dubai and The Magic Planet for kids and you can’t get tired because if you do there is a place called Kempensiki. It is a hotel for relaxing and there is the massage room and the hot tub room.

FESTIVAL WATERFRONT CENTER (location: Dubai festival city)

The festival center mall is 2m sq. ft landmark. The festival center city mall is now also known as one of the UAE’s most acknowledged dining, retail and leisure attractions. Within its big size it has world class retailers, cafe’s, bistros, restaurants, a12-screens novo festival cinemas complex and also has the parking of over 6500 cars.

DUBAI MALL (location: Downtown Burj Dubai)

Being the world’s biggest shopping mall the Dubai mall has more than 690,000 visitors a week. It includes 1,200 shops and has restaurants an aquarium and hotels. It is air conditioned all the time and you can be there for between 6:00 am to 12:00 pm. It was recorded that 61,000 tickets were sold for the Dubai mall aquarium. It is the most heavenly place you can be and is recommended by almost everyone.