Best Shopping Malls in Singapore

Singapore is main hub of shopping in Asia. The new shopping malls are added to Singapore landscape. These malls have a lot of things for attraction of many people and as well as for tourists. Singapore is one of the beautiful country in the world. In these shopping malls visitors get everything in good quality and quantity. Some of best shopping malls are discussed here.

Paragon Mall:
Paragon is located at the heart of Singapore. There are many shop stores over here. Alot of branded good are sold are sold here like Gucci. Air lines are also located in the shopping centers.

East Village Mall:
East village is famous shopping mall in Singapore. In this shopping mall there are varieties of shops. Street family restaurants are there, beauty salons and pizza shop are also available. Free parking is also available.

West Gate Mall:
West gate is one of the famous and newly opened malls in the Singapore. Play land is also in this mall. This shopping mall has diversity in it. It has everything from fashion to life style, food to dining, and many super markets. West gate mall is new mall but it provides unique variety if everything to its shoppers.

Kallang Wave Mall:
Kallang Wave Mall is said to be Singapore sports hub. in this mall you will see variety of many sporting things and it has also shops of many other brands.

One KM Mall:
One KM is the mall that is officially opened on Sunday. This mall has three stories and basement. There are some famous restaurants in this mall which includes food shops, pizza huts and many more shops with other brands.

Bedok Mall:
This is very famous shopping mall with 200 shops. This mall has variety of fast food to entertain the visitors and if you are vegetarian yummy food is also available, it’s all about your choice.

Big Box Mall:
As the name shows that big box is one of the biggest and newly opened mall in Singapore. This is a mall that works on new concept it targets the need of everyone. This mall has many things and equipment’s that can be used in home. It has many shops of electronics and mobiles.

Seletar Mall:
This is also newly opened mall and one of the best malls in Singapore. For the entertainment of visitors, the mall has Shaw Theaters, female fitness buffs, and boutique spa. It is the hub of entertainment.

Marina Square Mall:
This is very famous mall in Singapore. The greater attraction in this mall is that it has many fashion boutiques like top shop, mango, and Zara are the famous boutiques in this mall. There are also departmental stores.

Bugis Junction Mall:
At the ground level, there is a water display near to the MacDonald. During the weekend, there are many children gather at the water display to enjoy the splashing of water. You can also take children to this awesome place and enjoy the vacations.

Suntec City Mall:
City mall is very famous mall. The Shopping Mall is link up with the Convention and Exhibition Hall. There is also entertainment center in this mall. This center is devoted for entertainment for visitors and tourists.
In this article I have discussed the best shopping malls in Singapore. Keep visiting this site for more information about different places.