Tips To Release Stress Through Healthy Activities

Where there is a man tension always exists, wherever you go tension goes after you. It is said that “tension kills the man” There is stress and tension in work, in relationships, and at home. In these times no man is free of tension. The main cause of tension and stress is due to financial crisis and due to health issues. It is the reality that you are the one who can fight with this monster. But there are people who are unable to fight against this, which lead you toward critical situation. There are certain activities, by applying them you can keep yourself from depression, tension and stress. To fight against with the monster you need some tips and techniques in order to release and cut your tension away.

Tips to release tension and cook stress:

Drinking a glass of water will make you to feel relax and free of tension. Take a glass of milk at night before sleeping will make you more relax.
Laughing makes you tension free so find causes of laughing, watch comedy movies, red something funny.
Exercise is one of the tools which release tension so do exercise when you feel depressed.
Peace of mind is in daily life try to do things which make you happy spend time with good people .Good company can also cut tension away.
Get rid of negative thoughts. Think good have good
There is another option in order to kill tension and feel relax is to listen music. Listening to calm music has very good effects on mind and makes you feel good.
Food is very good option to release tension, depression and stress. Fruits and vegetables are good option to cook tension. Sandwich is considered as brain food.
Try green tea, it has soothing effects on nervous system and takes you out from depression.
Have good sleep it will improve your mood .lack of sleep is also the key cause of tension .mange your time, go to bed and have seven to eight hours sleep.
Have deep breath make you feel good, fresh air will improve your mood. Deep breathing will lower the rate of heart and control blood pressure.
Chewing gum is one of the effective techniques to relief depression.
Do any art project which make you feel good play with colors will change your mood and will take you out from tension zone.
Take a walk over grass it will take you near nature and you will feel better.
Take a bath it will gives you soothing effects add some roses and have a bath it will relax you
Get a massage move fingertips over your scalp it will relax you inside and you feel fresh.
Rubbing your big toes releases soothing endorphin, which can help you relax.
Dark chocolate regulates levels of the stress and stabilizes metabolism it will cut stress.
Mango is also effective for lowering stress.
Bright light can be an effective treatment for people who suffer from depression, and can even cheer up otherwise healthy folks.
Dear Diary: Today I feel STRESSED.” Just putting our emotions on paper can make you feel good tell your feelings to paper