Highly Paying Job Sectors in Dubai

Salaries vary a lot in Dubai. It depends upon your qualification, communication and negotiation skills. Dubai has no fixed rate of minimum wages or a specific standardized salary pattern. The salaries paid in Dubai are more or less similar to those in Western countries. Salaries differences are based upon different qualifications, nationalities, employee’s history, experience and other random factors affect salaries.

Negotiation skills-one of the most important skill for earning money. Highly interesting fact that an executive secretary may be more paid that a product sales representative or two secretaries within a same company. The game is all about communication skills.

As indicated by most recent study on Global Salary Increase Survey 2015, by Aon Hewitt, the main administration consultancy firm, the compensations in United Arab Emirates are liable to increment of 4.8 percent in the year 2015, according to the study directed by 500 or more associations and organizations in Middle East.

The Range of Different Salaries:-
Jobs in Dubai are in s much number than in any other country and foreigner’s salaries are high in amount.
Manual type labor jobs are out of option if you are looking for a job that is highly paid. These jibs include the laborer jobs, maids, gardeners, nannies, security guards and drivers. Their pay is around DH 750-1400.  Jobs in tourism are low paid but are highly paid. Receptionist and secretaries are very low paid.

Director :-
Anyone can apply for this job. This is when you choose to open a new company and appoint yourself as a director. For this purpose you may need a business related degree or years’ experience in management sector. As Dubai is a country of mix languages, so any language can be used but the Arabic is more preferred.

Private Banker (Management/Director level):-
Finance must be your area of expertise for it. You may also need to know and understand the Psychology of people for this job and this comes with experience as you are applying for a job because you are working with one of the most richest person in one of the most richest and powerful countries in the world. You will also get a lot of stress with lot of money but after long term staying you will learn some management

Research and Development Executive:-
You need to have a lot of expertise in the field of research with excellent communication skills. The creativity and technical knowledge is highly demanding.

The lawyer’s responsibility is to protect the business from legal and compliance prospective. Companies hire their lawyers to save themselves from suitable lawsuits. For this purpose you need a law degree with legal qualification. The people educated from Western countries are high in demand of this job.

Being a doctor is a highly paid job sector in Dubai. If you are a neurologist, child psychiatrist, vascular surgeon, gynecologist, or obstetrics doctor, Dubai is the best place to work. Neurologists are earning so much money in Dubai. For this purpose you need to complete a registration and license methods as this is a rigorous and difficult method.

Construction Director:-
An urgent pinion in the development machine, the pay for this position mirrors its stature and unpredictability. Basically, a Construction Director regulates a large portion of a development organization’s specific errands, from time allotment and to well being and security arrangement adherence. For this purpose you need have a graduate level degree, with excessive involvement in your particular field and mastery in the individual environment.

Procurement Specialist in oil and gas, engineering :-
Procurement servicers they negotiate for the benefits of their company. The performance of this role in oil rigging or engineering sector, additional expertise is needed. You need to have strong negotiation and communication skills. If you have them the oil engineering and gas industries are waiting for you.

As the aviation industry is growing, the demand for pilots is totally increasing. The good pilot and qualified flight deck professionals lack in Middle East so they are always looking for people.  A number of exams and training need to be completed for this pupose. Licensure for piloting is compulsory which should be according to the standards of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). You may also need to pass a fitness medical exam.

Restaurant general managers:-
They are totally responsible for all operations and activities within a restaurant. Theu just don’t mange day to day operations rather manage the sales. You need to have a background in accounting or finance, expertise in managing profit and loss of the company.