Why We Are Becoming Unhealthy Over Time

Unfortunately as the world is progressing towards more modernism and technologies we should be getting healthier than ever because this makes sense. We humans are evolving in every term of our life and progressing backwards in terms of our health. We are doing everything possible to take control of our life and our health but all the efforts in vain. The more we try to do something, the more we suffer. In this world almost everyone has problem with their weight and thus problem starts as early as age 5, then we continue to pack on the weight and diseases as we grow, we are living longer and dying longer. More than half of us have been on some medications and drugs with no results in sight. But why is this all happening? Let’s us discuss a few common reason.

  • We have been brainwashed about our health: the number one factor of the true health is the proper diet and nutrition and we have been brainwashed by people who are actually fooling us for the sake of money. Like the biggest ones in this case are the meat and dairy companies promoting their products as meat for protein and dairy for calcium or strong bones. When these two products are the serious poisons and burden for the human body. But no one is understanding this fact. Everyone is doing them over and over and ending up with serious diseases like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, dementia, autoimmune diseases, heart diseases, Alzheimer’s and the list goes on. 14 out 15 leading causes of our death are scientifically linked to eating animal products.
  • We are trusting the medications and the medical doctors. The medical doctors try to treat patients with the medications and the drugs but this strategy does not work. Most of the medications do not have any more results than the placebo effect. The doctors should be treating patients with the dietary and nutritional approach but they just receive only 19 hours of training in nutrition. This is just crazy because they are supposed to healing people and they themselves don’t know anything at all.
  • This comes to the number third reason that we have stopped moving, we all are suffering with the chair syndrome. Inactivity is killing a lot of people. Human body was never designed to sit, it was designed to move. We have been cheating on our instinct and sitting instead. We are meant to squeeze the mountains but not sit. But that does not mean we should stop all the other activities and start moving  and exercising. We are exercising more than ever and we are dieting more than ever but we are fatter more than ever. This means this strategy is wrong.
  • We are taking too much stress. If you live on this planet earth, the stress is going to be vital part of your life. But we can handle it as much as we can. We are living in materialistic world which is totally killing us. The race to earn money has stressed us all. The competition all to earn money and be better and successful than others has killed us. And many of us are not good at handling this stress.
  • The toxic people and the social environment. The social environment disturbances, the relationship disturbances and the toxicity of the close relationships, the hurtful comments, the negativity, the bullying and harassment depending of all degrees has taken a serious troll on our health and we don’t know a way out.
  • We forget to rest. We forget to take risks. We are living a serious monotonous lifestyle which is absolutely killing us and stagnation is killing our brains. We need some fun, creativity and change to have an excellent mental health but we are too afraid to take risks and as a result getting unhealthier over time. Because the mind and the body work in coordination when bran can’t get the excitement that it need we can never flourish.