Use of ‘Should’ ‘Would’ & ‘Could’

Use of ‘Should’ ‘Would’ & ‘Could’

‘Should’, ‘would’ and ‘could’ are assistant verbs that can some of the time get befuddling. They are the previous tense of ‘might’, ‘will’ and ‘can’ but on the other hand are utilized as a part of different circumstances.

‘Should’ can be utilized:

  1. To express something that is likely.
  • “John should be here by 2:00 PM.”
  • “He should carry Jennifer with him.”
  1. To make inquiries.
  • “Would it be advisable for us to turn left at this road?”
  • “Shouldn’t you prepare for work?”
  1. To demonstrate commitment, give proposal or even a feeling.
  • “You should quit eating fast food.”
  • “You should go for strolls all the more frequently.”
  • “We should go to the recreation center tomorrow.”
  • “He should go to the drug store before anything else.”

‘Would’ can be utilized:

  1. To ask ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘why’ or ‘how’ (not generally, but rather regularly).
  • “How would you do that?”
  • “What would you do if… “
  • “At the point when would we have room schedule-wise?”
  • “Who would need to hold up in that line?”
  1. To make a well mannered demand.
  • “Would you like any tea?”
  • “Would you like something else?”
  1. In speculative circumstances.
  • “On the off chance that I had a great deal of cash I might want to possess a homestead one day.”
  • “I would love to purchase a watercraft one day.”
  1. To make inquiries.
  • “Would you like fries or plate of mixed greens?”
  • “Might you want to go along with us this evening?”

‘Could’ can be utilized:

  1. To recommend a plausibility.
  • “Whose diary is this? It could be Nelly’s diary.”
  • “Could ‘A’ be the appropriate response? It’s certainly not ‘B’ or ‘D.'”
  1. To make an amenable demand.
  • “Could you be able to please move this crate?”
  • “Could you be able to please pass that paper?”

Utilizing the word ‘could’ to react to the solicitations we made in the last illustration would propose that you could do it, however you may not by any stretch of the imagination need to. In the event that you consent to the demand, at that point you utilize the word ‘can’.

  • “Could you be able to please move this case?” “I could, however I am extremely bustling right at this point.”
  • “Could you be able to please pass that paper.” “Beyond any doubt, I can.”

There you go, a couple of approaches to utilize ‘should’, ‘would’ and ‘could’. Truly, truth is stranger than fiction, only a couple of ways! There are all the more, yet we can talk about those some other time, or you could attempt to look into alternate uses and give them a shot yourself or with the help of the online English course EF English Live. Go along with us for nothing!


Here are a few cases of utilizing ought to and shouldn’t to request and give counsel and proposals:

  • “I’ve had an extremely terrible cerebral pain for as far back as week.”
  • “That is bad – you ought to go to the specialist.”
  • “I need to make more companions, however I don’t know how.”
  • “Most importantly, you shouldn’t invest such a great amount of energy in the PC. You ought to go out and join a club or begin playing a game!”
  • “I had a battle with my closest companion. What would it be a good idea for me to do?”
  • “Gee… I figure you should call her and reveal to her you’re sad.”


Could and couldn’t are the past types of can and can’t:

  • When I was more youthful, I could run a mile in 7 minutes. Presently it takes me 20 minutes!
  • Recently, I couldn’t discover my wallet anyplace – however toward the beginning of today I discovered it.
  • A year ago, he couldn’t communicate in English extremely well, yet now he can.


Here’s a case of could to discuss future potential outcomes:

  • “Do you have any thoughts for our attention crusade?”
  • “Indeed, I have a couple of thoughts. I could put promotions on Facebook and Google. We could likewise give out handouts in our neighborhood. Perhaps John could even contact nearby TV stations.”


  • Could you please open the window? It’s hot in here.
  • Could you turn the music down? Much appreciated.
  • Could you make 10 duplicates of this report, please?


  • If I were the leader of my organization, I would roll out a considerable measure of improvements.
  • If individuals were more liberal, there wouldn’t be such a great amount of destitution on the planet today.
  • She would go far and wide in the event that she had more excursion time.