Wellington International Airport

Wellington international airport is located in New Zealand and it is the second busiest airport of the country. The airport acts as a hub area of the New Zealand. The airport works with the joint venture of the Infratil and the Wellington city council. The airport handles 5,373,622 passengers each year which has made it one if the busiest airports across the New Zealand. The airport serves as a hub of the New Zealand and it joins many important destinations of New Zealand. The airport also links many portions of eastern Australia. Many aviation businesses are running across the airport such as Wellington aero club. The Wellington aero area works from the western side of the country to the general aviation area of the airport.

Services provided at the airport:

  1. Airport information system:

A new multilevel car park is being designed on the airport which will serve thousands of passengers regularly. Many information systems have also been formed at the airport in the baggage claim area, where the people can get the details about the transport and the accommodation. The customers are served through phone calls and the management of the information system at airport is aimed at providing 24/7 assistance to the passengers.

  1. Volunteer ambassador:

The volunteer ambassadors are always on duty in the afternoon when the busiest areas of the terminal require. The main purpose of these volunteer ambassadors is to serve the people by providing them with the best services. Their service also saves a lot of time of the people which would have wasted otherwise while waiting at the terminals.

  1. Public transport service:

The airport has a direct flyer express bus which runs from the airport runway to the railway station and back after every 15 minutes. The bus runs in the peak overs of the day. The journey time which the bus takes in moving from airport to the railway station is 25 minutes and the fare of the bus is just 8 $ which is quite reasonable.

There are also many shuttles which are provided by several shuttle companies including super shuttle which also provide the share ride service to the central part of the Wellington from the outside arrivals of the airport. The fare for one passenger on these shuttles is 20 $ which is less if there are more passengers.

Apart from buses and shuttles, another public transport which is active throughout the airport to serve the general public is taxi. The Wellington combine taxis also work for people and the fare for traveling in the taxi is 35$.

  1. Facilities at the terminal of the airport:

  Wellington international airport provides the free Wi-Fi connection for communication. There are also many postal services which are available at the terminal 1 of the airport and stamps can also be purchased from the newsagents. You can also get the courier services at each terminal. In order to stay connected to your loved ones, there is the facility of telephone and email at each terminal of the airport.

There are also many restaurants and food outlets which have been created at the airport. There are many cafes and bars at each terminal of the airport.

Within the terminal building, there are also many shopping facilities. There are many gift shops, duty free retailers clothing shop to give the best shopping experience to the visitors. At the southeast boundary of the airport, a large shopping area has been allocated to the passengers with shopping passion. Each shopping store has 12 superstores at this terminal building.

The luggage storage facilities are available at the airport. In case you lose your luggage, there are lost luggage services which are always active to help you. Opposite to the terminal, there is a huge car parking lot. Each terminal is connected to the other terminal through this car parking. Regardless of the amount of people coming to the airport, you will always find a place to park your car.