Why Choose IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the world’s most authentic and largely conducted English proficiency certificate which is accepted for work, study and immigration purposes. According to a survey millions of candidates appears in this test each year. The question still stands on its ground that why to chooseIELTS? Let me explain you there are multiple reasons of choosing IELTS over all other English skill testing exams.

Reasons to Choose Ielts

Reasons to Choose Ielts

The reasons to choose IELTS:

IELTS Acceptance:

There are more than 9000 organizations worldwide that accepts and affiliates with IELTS. There are more than 3000 IELTS demanding organizations only in USA. IELTS is accepted by almost all the countries where major speaking language is English. These countries include Australia, USA, New Zealand and all countries in EU. In all of the above mentioned parts of the world IELTS is required for work, study and migration purposes.

IELTS Economical Test & Easy to Access:

IELTS as compared to all other English proficiency tests is very economical. So it definitely not over burdens the pocket of the candidate interested in appearing in an English skill test. Basically IELTS test is designed and introduced by keeping a certain thing in mind that it should be providing a service to the people. That’s the reason IELTS test has over 900 test venues in more than 140 countries which has made its access possible for everyone.

IELTS VS Other English Proficiency Tests:

IELTS in comparison with other English proficiency tests is no doubt the better one due to the following reasons.

  1. IELTS is designed and set by British council in collaboration with Cambridge who are no doubt the pioneers of English language. The IELTS test is designed and set on a very general pattern which is an easy access of everyone, exempted from all the complexity which can be found in other English proficiency certificates.
  2. Unlike other English proficiency certificates IELTS certificate is accepted by more than 9000 professional and educational organizations worldwide as an authentic English proficiency certificate.
  3. Unlike other English proficiency tests IELTS test has over 900 venues and training centers in almost every part of the world and the test is conducted twice a month.
  4. IELTS is the most economical test as compares to all other English proficiency tests. So it is definitely very light on the pocket of candidates.
  5. Unlike other English proficiency tests IELTS preparation material is available free of cost which includes reading material and video lectures. This is all provided by the Cambridge and British council and you can get it without even spending a penny.
  6. Unlike other English proficiency tests IELTS provides a flexibility in its testing system. You can apply online for appearing in an IELTS test and can choose any date on which you want to appear in the test. As IELTS provide variable test dates each month and if a candidate is not able to appear in the test due to any reason he/she can refund his/her full fee.
  7. Unlike other English proficiency test IELTS has the most efficient result declaration system and announces the result within two weeks after the test. The result can be checked online by visiting the official website of IELTS.
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