Why Does Dubai Attract Peoples

Dubai is known to be a state with exciting and very active lifestyle and sure it is one of the most amazing and very different places in the world. But ever wondered why it is like no other state or place in the world? Well it is because of many reason and some of them are mentioned below.

Why Peoples Attracted To Dubai

Why Peoples Attracted To Dubai

World’s largest mall is in Dubai:

The Dubai mall is bigger than any other mall you can think of thus making it the largest mall in the world. Being the largest mall in the world it contains more than 1000 shops, one of the greatest selection of restaurants and has awesome tourist attractions including the magnificent ice rink, a beautiful theme park and the gigantic multiplex cinema. The wonderfully structured mall is located at the downtown Dubai. It is a massively developed place that also contains the world’s tallest building. The mall has 4 levels which are the level LG (lower ground), level G(level ground), level 1 and level 2.

Shopping Opportunities like no other place:

Dubai is known to be an excellent place for shopping as it has Brands from all over the world with every kind of stuff for every kind of people. One of the kind of shopping stores located in the Dubai are the anchor stores. The anchor stores include the bloomingdale’s, galeries Lafayette, Debenhams, mark & spencer, the Paris gallery, Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and many more.

A State with Almost 0% crime rate:

Yes it does sound magical but it is true that Dubai is the one state in emirates and also among the whole world with minimum crime rate. That is mostly because of the strict law and rules of Dubai and also the very efficient police system of it. The police officers of Dubai own cars which include Mercedes Benz and Ferrari so that they can catch the culprits faster.

World’s largest Aquarium is in Dubai:

Again this is something not most of the cities of the world are proud of but Dubai is as it has the world’s largest aquarium in it. Nowadays large aquariums where one can actually swim with the sea creatures are becoming very popular and enjoyed by all and Dubai has so many aquariums other than the largest one.

Population of Dubai:

The amazing thing about the population of Dubai is which also makes Dubai a very different city from the other ones is that although Dubai is in emirates however half of its population comprises of Indians and the other majority is of immigrants from other nations. Only a few % are the emirates.

Dubai has the World’s largest gold chain:

Another record which only Dubai holds is that it has the world’s largest gold chain which is 4.2 km long and 22 kg of was used to build it.

City of the tallest skyscrapers:

Dubai is well known for tall and very tall buildings but did you know that the world’s tallest building is also in Dubai which is the Burj Khalifa. It is not only the world’s tallest man made building but also hosts a number of highest places which include the highest mosque and highest restaurants.