How To Apply Lipstick Step By Step

Lipstick gives a dramatic look to your lips. Lipstick helps your lips look bolder, bigger and attractive. No matter whether you like bright colors like red, plums and deep purple or you choose light and natural colors like pink. But the need is to learn the correct method to apply lipstick in a way that makes it long lasting. Here are the steps for the application of long lasting lipstick.

Applying Lipstick


  While choosing a lipstick color you should keep in mind your complexion. If you understand to choose the right lipstick colors according to your skin tone and texture then you will be able to look more beautiful.

  Consider your complexion. If you have a dark-toned skin then you should select a bold color as it will provide a pretty contrast. And if your skin tone is pale then lighter pink and neutral colors may give you a pretty contrast. If your complexion is medium then you should go for plum, mauve or cinnamon.

  Also keep in mind texture of your skin. If you have a dry skin then you should not choose matte lipstick as this type of lipstick may dry your lips out. For dry skin texture you should go for a glossy and conditioner containing lipstick.

  For applying lipstick you should exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation works if your lips are flaky and dry. For exfoliation first scrub your lips with toothbrush. You can also apply the paste of sugar and water. Rub the paste on your lips for about 20 seconds and then wash out.

  Now your lips are smooth and are ready for lipstick. Start with a lip liner. With the help of lip liner, outline your lips. Start outline from outside of the lips and extend carefully tracing the shape of your lips.

  You can also use the lip liner as a base. Before applying lipstick fill in the lips entirely with lip liner. It will help lipstick stay for long time.

  After applying the lip liner as a base now put on the Chap Stick. The Chap Stick will help condition your lips and keep them from drying. Remember to use a clear chap stick. You can also use the petroleum jelly.

  Now apply the lipstick. Carefully apply the lipstick within the outlines you have drawn with the lip liner. Start from the center and brush it to the corners. Fill all the gaps with lipstick. For applying precise lipstick always use lipstick brush.

  If you accidently apply the lipstick outside the outline then you should remove the extra lipstick with a tissue. Always look in mirror while applying the lipstick for the correct and accurate application.

  Double the coat. For a darker lipstick apply another coat of lipstick after the first coat. Use a tissue to blot the lipstick. For this open your lips and put a piece of tissue in-between and then close your lips over the tissue, it will help to remove the excess lipstick. And the lipstick will set in its place. For long lasting lipstick, apply powder onto the tissue and blot your lips and then reapply the lipstick.

  You should carry your lip liner, lipstick, lip-gloss and a mirror in your bag while going outside. As in case of accidental removal of lipstick you can apply the lipstick again.

Thank you for reading this article. Follow the above given tips and tricks for the application of accurate and long lasting lipstick. This article also helps you to choose lipstick colors according to your complexion and texture. Do read these tips and also write your comments below in the comment box.