Health and Fitness Tips For Women

Fitness is something related to physical and mental health. Physical fitness is condition in which you feel energetic and ready to do your best. Fitness is the basis for well-being and good health. It includes accurate performance of the body muscles heart and lungs and healthy emotional feelings. Women are more at risk to knee injuries due to anatomy and hormones. Exercise is the best tool to maintain the physical fitness. Doing exercise on regular basis provides benefits of physical and mental health. Exercises also enhance mental health. As after exercise you feel less stressed and ready do to do mental work more efficiently. Functional fitness exercises are good to improve body’s abilities. Research has showed that teen years exercise can assist protect girls from diseases like breast cancer and colon cancer.

Health and Fitness Tips


If you really want to live healthy and fit life then you should commit to a regular exercise routine. At first you need to schedule exercise plan for you. Start with easy exercise and gradually level up your exercise. Exercises at home are best for you. The best exercises are the pushup, squat and lounge. So these exercises will help fat loss, plateaus and bead boredom. By doing these exercises you can sculpt your body as you want.

Lower back exercise helps you to upgrade the entire abdominal muscles. This exercise helps lower down the stress on the spine and increase the stamina of the muscles and also prevents lower-back pain. To practice this exercise you should lay down on the floor in a position that your right leg is stretched straight on the floor and bent your left knee while keep your left foot flat on the floor. Position your palms down underneath the natural arch in the lower back. Gradually lift up your head and shoulders from the floor without doing bend the spine. Stay in this position for almost 7-8 seconds, and entire time breathe deeply. Repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times. Every time switch your legs and repeat the exercise.

Fitness needs good diet plan along with exercise. Women should take smaller and repeated meals. Smaller and frequent meals will prevent you from becoming hungry enough. It also helps the body to burn more calories. It is ideal to eat six little meals a day, except the regular large three meals every day. A proper diet plan includes all the necessary nutrients. Eating a portion of healthy fat is also essential. Omega-3 is healthy fatty acids that should be included in your diet. These fatty acids help to reduce bad cholesterol and also enhance brain function. Ingredients that include healthy fatty acids include mackerel, herring, walnuts, tofu and canola oil. Fats that are present in the ingredients like margarine, crackers and cookies cause more abdomen fat so these things should be avoided.

A diet enriched with more fibers makes the diet healthier. Such foods are essential to regulate bowl movements that help to lower down the blockages and swelling. Fiber foods contain fewer calories as compare to other type of foods. Food fiber is of two types one is soluble fibers and other is insoluble. You should get benefits from both types of fibers. Soluble fibers found in barley and oats, beans, peas, apples and carrots and in citrus fruits. Insoluble fibers found in wheat bran, whole-wheat flower, nuts and in green vegetables.

Dear readers in this article you are given with fitness tips. Apply these tips to stay healthy and fit. Give your feedback as your feedback is very important. You can give your feedback in the comment box below.