Work Permit For Bahrain

Conditions of Working Visa in Bahrain:-
The work market of Bahrain is full of foreigner employees and the most of them belong to Asia and subcontinent (India and Pakistan).  The employees can apply from 66 different countries of the world and 33 can apply for electronic Visa according to new laws from October 2014-15 from Bahrain’s government. As the employees are larger in number so the process of applying and getting a working Visa is straightforward. However before applying sponsorship is a must task. Your company has to bear the pressure of your Working Visa and recruiting you. You employer is going to apply for a work permit for LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority) and your task is simple just to provide all the necessary documents. You may also need to provide your CV wit related qualifications and employment history. Employers get a Working Visa for their position not for the employee. So then can take Visa 1 year before calling you. Before applying you may need to know that the companies have different positions for foreigners. But for you, you can only choose that job for which you have been granted working VISA. If you take another option you would be in great trouble.  If you plan for a work permit for self-employment or starting up a business, you need help f a Bahrain National to sponsor you. You can contact some agencies which work for this purpose and can sponsor you. You get a Working Visa for a maximum of 2 years and after that if you still wish to work in Bahrain you need to renew your Working Visa.

After getting the working Visa and arriving there you need to apply for CPR which is a Central Population Registry Card and a residency Visa. Residency Visa is issued by the Labor Market Regulatory Authority. For this you need an application form. Employee’s and his/her family’s passport copies, a sponsorship letter, the job contract, a whole family health record, BD22 fee per person applying for residency VISA.  CPR card is issued by Central Informatics Organization and the requirement are Employee’s passport, his/her spouse’s passport (if applicable), marriage certification and birth certification for children (if applicable), BD1 fee per person applying for CPR card

For taking up an employment in Bahrain, a person requires to have a Working VISA which is most of the times valid for 6 months-2 years. Certain conditions need to be fulfilled to get the visa. This include the fees and medical examination. Like all other Gulf countries, a sponsor must be there to call you from another country. Then you can find residency along with employment.

Working Visas are granted based upon the Non Objection Certificate (NOC) issued by General Director of Nationality. Passport and residence in Bahrain. So this means that first you have to arrange for your residence to work in Bahrain. In Bahrain, the working Visas cannot be issued without having the proper permit from Ministry of foreign affairs.
Some countries are also allowed to apply online for the Working Visas, these include many of the European countries. This is the fastest way to get a Working Visa as this takes shorter time by the government of Bahrain to process Visas.

Requirements of Working Visa:-
You need to be sponsored first by an employer or a company. Employers hiring clients should pass through an extraneous method for hiring foreigner employees. Employers need to arrange and process all the necessary documents to the Labor Market Regulatory Authority before even arrival of their foreigner employees in Bahrain

You need following things to apply for a Working Vis
Visa application form
Your / employee’s passport
Passport size photographs
Sponsorship letter which includes , a letter job showing the name of organization and employee, the commercial registration number, the salary, the duration of contract, the name of employee, nationality and date of birth.
Copy of the employment contract
Health record by a certified doctor from an authorized clinic
Medical testing for HIV/ AIDS, tuberculosis, viral diseases, chest diseases and much more.
BD  100 fee for 2 years

Bahrain –A comfortable place to search for employment:-
Bahrain is a comfortable place to live with low system of taxation, lots of social security and excessive facilities and services like all other Gulf Countries regions. This is where your talent will be recognized once you get an employment and you will have a life time experience even if you plan to return after some years.