Working Visa in Malaysia

Working VISA are usually granted in Malaysia by the employers. The employers need to undergo a very detailed and exhausting process to get Visas for their foreign employees. The employees are usually granted social passes to enter the country first and then after selection of a job they are given Working Visass.

Requirements for a Working VISA:-
The passport should have an expiry date of up to 18 months. The foreigner coming to Malaysia must be 27 years or older to work in Malaysia. The working Visas are usually of 6 months to 5 years. The Malaysian Immigration department is always working to tell the necessary requirements to the people.

Guidelines to Work in Malaysia:-
Malaysia imposes strict las on foreigners and locals as well. Getting a work VISA is a lengthy process and Malaysia strictly forbids the illegal activities and work.  The government of Malaysia imposes strict restrictions on companies on hiring foreigners because the ratio of foreigners is very low as compared to locals (as per laws) and your company has to prove that there is no suitable local for that position. You will also need to take approval from different regulatory agencies combined with Immigration Department according to your job’s nature. Once the approval is granted to your company then they can begin the process of your Working VISA. Like all other countries, you need to be sponsored by someone within Malaysia. As a part of VISA giving VISA, a reference number will be issued to you to track your application within Malaysia’s Immigration Department.

 The Category of Work VISA within Malaysia:-
There are 4 different types of Work VISA if you wish to work in Malaysia.
Getting a business VISA:-
You can get a Business VISA in Malaysia for 2 years and then set up your own international company. The benefits of working in Malaysia are that with your foreign international company, it will have lowest paid capital, hassle free, no need for trade license and do not need the set up office to operate. The processing time of Business Working VISA is 60 days. If you set up a company like this you can hire upto 3-4 foreign employees in your company.

Professional Visit VISA:-
You can get employed at Malaysian international and local companies. The companies then apply for Working VISA s for their employees whom they want to hire. You will take a normal employment contract and salary needs to be of minimum RM 5000 to qualify for this type of VISA. The company has to undergo approval system by Immigration Department. This process usually takes the time of 1-2 months. The Working VISAs applications for new companies are totally rejected by Immigration department.  Specific skills are needed. If you want to become a specialist or need a technical or skill position you need to have at least Bachelor level degree in the required field. Then you can get work permit for you and your family.

Employment VISA:-
Employment VISA is granted to those who wish to work in Malaysia. You should have technical skills for managerial and technical position. It is usually of two years. The employment of foreign worker needs to be approved by the regulatory agency or Expatriate Committee before the VISA can be issued

Temporary Working VISA:-
Temporary Working VISA is given to unskilled or less skilled employees in the following fields of agriculture, manufacturing, service fields and construction. This VISA is usually of 3 years with a year base extension. Before giving this type of VISA, quota approval needs are to be given, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from their Local Approval Center.

Setting the office of your regional company in Malaysia:-
If you have a company in our home country, you can set up its office in Malaysia. This type of VISA is given for three years for you and your family. Your that office is not allowed to make transactions with Malaysian Companies. It act as coordinating center and fact finding body within Malaysia only. The processing time usually takes 2-3 months.

Requirements to Get A Working VISA:-
Letter of appointment from  your  company
Your employment contract with company
Original receipts from application
The relevant application forms of VISA
Approval letter from Ministry of Home Affairs
Your( employee’s) passport copy
Copy of your CV  with your related qualifications
Medical report (verifying of not having any Viral or Infectious disease) and approved by the Malaysian Ministry Of Health.