Saudi Arabia Work Visa

Airport, that help us our plane to fly. Nowadays, every city has an airport. Some city have more than one airport , in case of big cities. Airport is busiest place. It is full of people every time. Some are waiting for flight , and some are waiting for their relatives. As it is so crowded place, so security should also be the best. So that we can be safe for any type of terrorism. In airport another challenge for security is smuggling of things from one country to another country. To stop this smuggling , the responsibility is given to airport security staff , who are highly trained. In Pakistan, airports are not so secure but in 2016, the arrangement of security increased by 10%. The arrangements are now pretty good. In Pakistan, security is the biggest or else we have the best things of the world. We have so big and great planes but corruption and terrorism made our country empty. Well, wait! What we are talking about? Airports? Uh hmm! I have to tell you about Working Visa. Working Visa or Visa have similar kind of relation between each other. Obviously, without a Visa you cannot enter the airport. However, Saudi Arabian working visa is quite good but hard to apply. Mostly, I saw the people who go there on student visa, on working visa there are very few people. In 90s, it was the hardest thing to go Saudi Arabia on working visa. Working visa is basically a long term visa that usually applied by the companies. Like an example! If you applied online at Saudi Arabian’s company. They accepted your proposal so then they will take every hold of visa and will settle your things in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia, in my sight, isn’t a good place for a job to be honest. I mean expensive residence with climate problems. Saudi Arabia, you cannot go there for terrorism, though many tried to go Saudi Arabia. Usually, people go on student visa when they cannot find their jobs but when it comes to working visa, it is applied when you work in a company or if you go on business trip.

So, the requirements for working visa are different, like every country has a different style. What Saudi Arabia adopted is that the first need your Visa number, which they call VISA BLOCK NUMBER. Then what they need is your Passport that has a validity of 6 months at least, and it must have 2 clean pages. You can understand what they are trying to say. Like, passport has 2 clean pages with no usage, and it must have 6 months validity. I know it is quite difficult to handle but that’s why people says, APPLYING FOR VISA IS, ISN’T THAT EASY. Then they need a letter of introduction from any Saudi Arabian employer. Then I think they also need a police certificate in which they have to see the records of a person. Then obviously your 2 passport size photos because it is most important thing in your passport. Then they need Saudi Arabian Visa application form with the declaration. Then Electronic power of attorney comes up. I know there are many formalities you have to follow and obey. Then Medical test is required the most. And it is must attested and for medical in Karachi you have to do struggle because of rush. Taj Medical provides this facility of medical test and they attest paper by FCO. Then many attested paper and then what I observed is Visa order form. So there are many requirement and fees as well in which expenses are also added. Processing time is up to 4 working days. There are many things to know. So these are the headaches, so go for it, search, and the ones who need, just go to Wish you best of luck!