Jobs in The World

Jobs, which is a basic need of men’s life. Well, there are many reason behind it. You know without it you cannot survive in a good sense. In this era, people desperately need the job because it is an only respected source of earning. Every student’s first option is to do jobs in a good area where he can earn a lot. No one things that after their studies they will do something different. Everyone’s mind say that after studies we will do jobs. I don’t like this method of learning. I know Jobs are important there is no doubt that am also doing jobs but my time of learning is gone. Now I want to teach the children to learn according to your skills. You have to set your mind according to your thinking.

However, jobs are in millions amount. Every town offers job to its people. There are many type of jobs. Online jobs, Part time jobs, Full work jobs, Office jobs etc. What I observed is that the most hottest jobs are inline jobs as they pay a lot. Online jobs are the most elegant working jobs and many people are involved in it. There are other jobs as well like engineering jobs as they face troubles in their whole. During their studies as well they faces trouble.  Then the jobs that doctors do. Some are risky and some are resty. Well, doctors are the most payed jobs as they do a lot for mankind. According to the American Society of Anesthesiologists, these medical doctors are responsible for the safety and well being of patients before, during, and after surgery. In the US, they’re required to complete a four-year undergraduate college degree, four years of medical school, and a four-year anesthesiology residency program. Most anesthesiologists become board certified, and many complete an additional fellowship year of specialty training. Laws, Sales Manager, Accountant, programmers, Doctors, Pharmacist, Pilots, Nurses etc, these all jobs are made for us so that we can participate and make these fields more good. Jobs are in 1000s of amount. The only thing is that how people will find it and use it. Like there many people who are jobless. So in this case you never say like this that, THERE ARE NO JOBS AND PEOPLE DOING UNFAIR etc. This is the reason, and this is what I want to teach the people. That the ones who are jobless, they are jobless because they ran to the fields that is already filled. Means, that already there are many who ran after it. And with high amount the children also increases and that’s why the house becomes full. But they say if we not do MOST FAVORITE JOBS then what else we can do. So in that case you have to search on it because these matters are really very sensitive.

There are many talented people who are earning just by clicks. Like Bill gates etc. They never studied. But they know how to do work and they worked on their favorite thing. Nowadays if a man loves cricket he skip his cricket time just because of study as it makes your future bright. This is a test and you have to thing if you do work on your favorite thing then it will be a mighty experience for you every time.