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5 Books You Must Read and Why

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5 books you must read and why

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Books are called as a person’s best friend when no one else chooses to be. No matter where you are sitting and what life you have, if you love reading books, you can never get bored. I personally love books to the extent that I read one book with around 200 pages in 24 hours. Without sleeping or doing anything else I finish off my book and then rest. But that lifestyle is not the most healthy one so don’t follow what I do. However having a healthy book reading schedule not only lets your mind be active but also it makes it more creative and lets you get knowledge about so many things in the word. Along with getting to know about general knowledge places and people and many other things, a very important improvements comes in your diction and vocabulary of that language.

Today I’d be talking to you about 5 English books that I would recommend everyone to read and the reason behind that is not just the good story but also a great amount of wisdom and knowledge. Try reading at least one page every day and in 365 days that is one year, you would have read almost an entire book or at least so many things. Jotted down are the books I believe can change the way you think about the world and life and they will help anyone who gives them time and attention.

Inferno- Dan Brown

Dan brown is a well known author of the popular and bestselling book, The Da Vinci code. He has written a lot of other books but the one I would really like to mention here is the inferno which is another master piece. It is about a biologist who makes a virus to lessen the population of the world just because according to his mathematical calculations, the world would come to an end with the population rate it is going. However the one thing which caught my attention was the Mendacium, it is a ship where a lot happens, one of the tasks of this group is to create hallucinations for people and manipulate their minds in to believing whatever the Mendacium wants to show them. This books has so much knowledge and scientific insight plus it lets you travel Italy and turkey.

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The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

The bestselling and a very popular book by Paulo Coelho, the alchemist tells a story about a young boy who sets on a journey to find a treasure he saw in his dream. On his journey he learns that your plans never take shape the way you want to. That there a greater source Allah who runs your life and the boy does find the treasure, but not the way he thought he world. His journey transforms him and makes him a better man with knowledge and skills. This book lets us think that the journeys are more important than the destiny. What route you take determines what kind of a person you turn out to be.

Harry potter

I love harry potter series because of their huge library of vocabulary and the sentence building. Although a magical series, it lets you travel through the magical world by teaching you bravery and siding with the truth. There are many small and large moral lessons in this series.

Wuthering heights- Emily Bronte

Another classical novel and a master piece, this is a story of tragedy but I love this one because of its mind boggling vocabulary. It’s a complete institute of English diction and learning language.

Angels and Demons- Dan Brown

The story and the plot is such mind blowing and keep you thinking how small your own mind is when it comes to life and universe. This is one of my favourite novel that explains the origin of illuminati and the systems and traditions of the Vatican city. If you like to know some mysteries and secrets, this is your book.

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