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Published on November 22, 2020 by admin

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We are a team of Professionals who want to provide a free platform of article writing to new writers. Article.Pk is open for all new writers who want to submit their articles free for educated readers. For this project we have hired some very creative writers after completing the required tasks. The writers are chosen according to their fields of studies. We have some of our own writers who are part of the team. The content is totally unique and purely the thoughts of our writers. We are looking forward to expand articles.pk world wide to ensure that the best of the writers reach this platform so they can spread their message and creativity to the people.

Our team has worked very hard for this project. Further more we are planning to launch some other features to article.pk. We are hopping for the best in the future with the possible effort we could deliver.

Our Team

Webmaster : Toqeer Ul Haq

Graphic Designer : Bader Ali

Senior Writers

1. Jawad Akhtar

2. Nusrat Azeema

3. Aymen Arif

4. Salina Shahid

5. Ayesha Noor

6. Bader Ali

7. M. Ayaz