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Benefits of Reading You Didn’t Know

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Benefits of reading you didn’t know

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No matter how much informative videos you see and how many photos and TV channels you see every day, the benefits reading has even in this modern world, is c=something that can never be ignored. This article is all about the benefits of the reading and books that we people have either forgotten or didn’t know at all. Read to get to know what we are missing out on when we don’t read.

Increased brain power

The brain power is the ability of a brain to be creative, strong nerves and ability to handle different people and things. Readings enhances our brain power and makes the mind be acceptable towards other knowledge and helpful things that make our minds grow and improve. Anyone who reads more will always be going to be a step ahead in intelligence and knowledge from the person who doesn’t read at all.

Mental Creativity

When we are in habit of reading, making scenes and scenarios is something every reader would do. The best part about this funny and weird habit is that our mind increases in creativity. The more we read the more open our mind becomes and thus, our brain starts seeing in different angles and dimensions. To increase your mental power and creativity and the ability to think about alternatives in different situations and get benefits of innovative thinking, reading is very important. Even if you read less or just a half page, just try reading good things every day. Train your mind to think about different things and make options of one thing in so many ways. That will also help boost mind creativity

Enhances memory

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This is a fact and benefit not many know about. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can still happen to a person, but to most extent, a person’s memory increases os much when they read. The long term memory and the short tem memory, it all increases and enhances with reading because the mind gets trained in to story so much of information and thus gets used to of this exercise. This in turn makes the person at times remember the tiny details of something or some day too. Try reading at least a page everyday and you will see in the long run improvements in your brain.

Develops positive thinking

Although it does matter what kind of books you are reading because let us be honest, if you are reading about miseries of the people and probably the harshness of the world war, you might not be very positive about a lot of things. But in general, reading quality and good books with a good message and positive vibe brings so much positivity in the mind of a person. The reason is that, your focus shift on the books and the story rather than your own life and how something has gotten wrong in it. That is what reading does to you. Other than books, reading quotes and biographies is also a very good thing as it also increases your knowledge and makes your mind open up to different worlds.

Reduces stress levels

Has it ever happened with you that you are reading a nice story and even after it finishes you start creating that world around you. If the answer is yes, then that is a plus point because it is a fact, after various studies conducted in this field, that reading good books and positive content reduces stress levels in a person and makes their nerves be more strong in order to deal with the harshness of the life realities and situations. If you find yourself in any such situation I suggest to go buy yourself a good book. Keep it with you and read it in times or emotional struggle. You will feel your mood lifting and lighting up because now you have a place to store your feelings and get positive ones in return.

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Also being a lifestyle blogger at http://aymenarif.online.pk/ and writer at The News, she has had her first two novelettes Fears Unveiled and To Mystiko Diamante published for Smash Magazine for Youth, Pakistan, in 2014.
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