Canada Hotel Jobs

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Canada a fantastic destination of the immigrants from all over the world. The country is located in the North America continent and it is next door neighbor of the United States. Canada is a large country according to the covered area that contains thick forests, high mountains ranges, meadows, plains, beaches, waterfalls, rivers, streams and undisturbed natural beauty. All these attractions pull the thousands of tourists on the daily basis. This country has nice and modern infrastructure that is why travelers easily travel on these highways and roads. The overseas guests, immigrants and tourists reside in marvelous hotels of this country. Canadian hotels are equipped with world class facilities with qualified hotel staff. Canadian hotels provide the best services and facilities to their valuable guests through skilled and trained hotel staff. Canada hotel managements and employers advertise their vacant position in leading French and English newspapers. These jobs also announced in hotel websites and other job advertising websites. Canada hotels frequently advertise the followings hotel jobs in media.

Hotel general manager or manager job.
Hotel manager or general manager is the executive of the hotel management and oversees all activities of the hotel. Hotel manager or general manager resolves all concerns of the hotel. He regularly, checks the account; observe the performances of the employee, assigns tasks, conduct meetings and touch with potential customers. He is the authority that inducts new hotel staff and provides basic training or skills.
Requirements of job:
The position demands university degree in hospitality, business management or hotel management with three to four years experience. The job also needs amazing communication skills and convincing expertise.

Event Planner job.
In Canada there are numbers of activities or gathering arranged at hotels like wedding, seminars and exhibitions. The event planner organizes and hosts these entire events in hotel. Event planner provides full details of expenditures, arrangements, provided facilities and also provides complete guideline.
Requirements of job:
The position holder usually has degree in management or event planning. However, experience, communication skills and alertness are the necessary elements for this job.

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Receptionist jobs.
The receptionist the first person that interact with guests and he informs about all facilities of the hotel. He/she knows about the availability of the room and suites, fare, provided services, check in and check out time. Receptionist also attends incoming class, responds Emil, fax and in person. He coordinates with other hotel staff like chef, housekeeper, drivers and maintenance staff. He collects bill, maintain record and resolves issues of the guests.
Requirements of job:
The candidate for this job must have bachelor degree in hospitality or management sciences. Moreover, receptionist must have basic computer skills and can operate office equipment. He must have fantastic communication and situation handling skills.

Chef jobs.
Chef is the man that develops and creates taste in different dishes. Chef is the really in-charge of hotel kitchen and prepares different types of dishes according to menu. Moreover, chef also cooks meals according to the request and demands of the guests. Chef in Canadian hotel has expertise in world famous dishes like Inter-continental, Chinese, Italian and indigenous dishes. Chef also maintains the kitchen stock according to the need of the hotel.
Requirements of job:
Chef usually have certification or diploma from the vocational institute. However, experience and skills are necessary for the chef.

Waiter and waitress jobs
Waiter and waitress play key role in hotel they welcome guests, offer welcome drink, take order, provides foods and beverages. Similarly, waiter or waitress take used crockery back to kitchen, collect bills and rearrange table for new guests. Waiter or waitress also coordinate with kitchen staff and receptionist.

Requirements of job:
The waiter job demands minimum bachelor or high school diploma with relevant one year experience. The waiter or waitress must have fantastic personality and good communication skills.

Housekeeper jobs.
The housekeeper is job is related to cleaning and arrangements of the room and suites. Similarly, the housekeeper also clean the other part of the hotel like lobby. The job holder decorate room, changes bed sheets and fulfill requirement of the room.
Requirements of job:
The job requires minimum high school certification or diploma with experience and good physique.

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