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Car Bank Loans

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Bank loans! Loans which are given by banks for purchasing cars. For suppose, if any family or a person wants to buy a car. He cannot manage that cost, so banks help them a lot. Around, 30% of employers buy cars on loans. They sometimes give benefit and sometimes dig you up. Means if an employee buys a car on loan so bank helps him a lot and from his salary they make finest arrangement. But when you are an outsider and you want to buy on loan then you have to a long processed rush to your life to have a car. Secondly, the issues of payment are also become worst. They add up their expenses and make percentages and in the end they give you a bill on which they set their own cost. But in overall form it is good only if you can pay them every month on time. Banks usually give the cars by their own, like if you go to the bank, and tell your desired car. They will arrange it but by their own. They will take you to the showroom and purchase a brand new car in front of you and after that they give you keys of that car. So it is a good system. That they themselves purchase a car for you. Recently, my uncles bought it on loan and he has fine life and his car is maintained and new. So taking loans are good but again it is contrary to Islam. Our religion do not accept it. It is so because they add up extra money which is called interest. And interest is Haram in Islam.  Nowadays mobile services like Ufone etc doing the same think that they are giving you advance of some rupees and in the end when you recharge your balance account they take extra money from you.

Personal Car Finance is a complete subsector of personal finance, with numerous different products available. These include a straight forward car loan, hire purchase, personal contract hire ( car leasing ) and Personal Contract Purchase. Therefore, car finance includes but is not limited to vehicle leasing. These different types of car finance are possible because of the high residual value of cars and the second hand car market , which enables other forms of financing beyond pure unsecured loans.
The funding supplier may retain ownership of the car during the period of the contract for certain types of financing. This interim ownership by a third party and subsequent leasing to the acquirer is far more typical for business assets than private ones, with the option of vehicle leasing being the major exception for private consumers. The finance is arranged either by the dealer which provides the car or by independent finance brokers who work on commission. So these are the short look of loans and related to loan thing. In coming years, there are many youngsters who will but cars on loans so I request whatever you fill their demands kindly read it thoroughly and with many guidance and expert advice accept these loans because some banks give you hard time. You can also buy cars by your own, like if you buy some cars on installment. But again, that car will sell by a dealer who make every month extra amount.

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