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What Counts as Clutter in Your Home

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What Counts as Clutter in Your Home

It is a modern world we live in where people are very conscious not only about their looks but also their lifestyle and personality. There was a time when mostly people used to hoard their houses with gigantic amount of materialistic things from so many clothes and shoes to books and rugs and cutlery items. The poor used to do the same and the rich used to go two steps ahead by stuffing their homes with whatever piece they could lay their hands on. Collecting souvenirs and photos and every sentimental thing was a trend and no one ever thought what impact all this has on our lives. However in today’s world, people have started realizing the importance of a clutter free home and life where people don’t hoard and stuff things in their lives but instead make the best of their moments and time by indulging in healthy activities and making good memories and acquaintances rather than things.

In this article we will see what things you have kept in your house which count as clutter and might be making you mind and life a lot more depressed than you could have possibly imagined. Although everyone’s lifestyle and routine are different and the things you have in your home depend on your jobs and occupation or at times where you are living in, but the tips in this article will benefit almost everyone no matter where you are living. Detect the clutter in your places too and get rid of them as soon as possible to make your mind and life airy and less suffocated so that you can focus more the important things in life, that is giving time to your family, your hobbies and you goals and dreams which you have been putting off for quite some time now.

Newspapers and magazines

This one is not so obvious because many people use newspapers in kitchens and other things. But let’s be honest, would you really not have any other option if you get rid of a couple of news papers? Plus there are people who do read magazines even today, but you don’t have to keep them in your homes for the rest of your lives. So get rid of them, give them to someone who might read them or donate them, you can even give them to a library.

Broken cutlery

How many times do we come across broken glasses or plates or your favourite goblet and you stash it in a cupboard to make a master piece of art out of it one day? You are not going to use it, trust me, so throw it away. If it can be used somewhere or you can used it in an art piece, you would either do it that day or you would never do it. as a backup plan, store it somewhere for a week, if it doesn’t get used, throw it away right away.

Decoration items

If we are talking about pillows and throw cushions and probably a nice centre piece, than no they are not clutter. But the excess of vases and flower pots, racks and tables and other small souvenirs we keep collecting and putting in our living rooms and drawing rooms, they are all counted as clutter. They make it hard to clean the house and it gets tiring and time consuming which in turn makes a person stressed about not finishing the tasks and depressed to see a dirty living place.

Excess stationery items

Those sharpen broken pencils and broken sharpeners, empty spray cans, faded highlighters etc, all these things are clutter stored in your study places and your kid’s rooms. Clean these rooms and throw these items away. If they can’t be used properly, what good they be after a month? Sort out what is important to you and what you will be able to detect clutter in your home that you can get rid of.

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