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Credit Card loans

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The need is an only thing through which you can fulfill your imaginations. Well, complicated one! Loans, why it is became a need? Lack of money? Currency? Or something else? Well, one loan and 1000 question behind it. How to resolve it? Why people are going behind loans, that they know that interest is involved in it and it is not helpful, but still people do this. They take loans which fulfills different needs of different men. Like if you need a big thing in your life and want to give every penny, then you take loans. But I am worried, why people take these loans. Their wishes will fulfilled by Allah. Then why? People! A silent message for you all. Loans are not good for your life. Their calls and tension giving talks makes you depressed. Well whatever the thing is. Loans needs are fulfilled by many ways. In this modern world, banks created so much for giving ease to people. Credit cards, debit cards, shopping cards etc etc. There are many stuff to earn. Loans are given through many things. If you want to shopping without cash, just take out your credit card swap it and that’s it. You shopping’s expense is paid. And the in the end give it to the bank. So these are the easy things for the people. And there are many people who are taking fullest advantage because the banks of foreign giving opportunity. Like if you spend money in high, then they give you extra point and some extra money. My brother owns around 15 credit card and he is so mastermind he know how to play with those cards. Seriously, he can do as much shopping as he wants and then in the end he pays every bill by taking everyone’s electric bill and pays it. So If you are a mastermind in these games only then you can use it greatly.

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When consumers use credit cards, they are essentially taking out a loan with the understanding that it will be repaid at some later date. Credit cards are a particularly attractive source of funds for individuals (and companies) because they are accepted by many – if not most – merchants as a form of payment.  The credit review process is also rather quick. Written applications are typically approved (or denied) within a week or two. So I mentioned previously, that playing with these cards is the main thing. If you are good in accounting go for credit cards, avail them and spent them. But be careful! Spend them for specific usages. Like, don’t spoil yourself by spending it in wastage things. The interest rates that most credit-card companies charge range as high as 20% per year. So interest rate is a bit low. But it is manageable.  But the best thing is that it is a saving of your money. Like if you want a big shopping, it is not hard and fast rule for taking money with you, just take this card along with you and you can use it anywhere (condition is that company or shop must have credit card swipper). So this is the best use of this cards made of plastic. These are valuable for you just need experience then you can do your desirable shopping.

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