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The Determinants of Health

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Health is merely defined by the absence of the disease and sickness. Well, the word health means a lot more than that.  Being healthy is being mentally and physically well, fit, absence of disease and feeling your best day in and day out. As the world has progressed, our definition of health has been changed over the years. Now we have more misinformation than the actual information on the topic of health. We have made this simple issue so complicated for us that it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to take out some meaning out of it and that is the reason why people have so many different outlooks and perspectives on this point. But still unhealthy. Here I am going to list down the few most important determinants of the health.

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  • Diet plays the most important role in the health of the human being. More than 90% of you physical, mental and emotional health is dependent upon the diet. The food choices you make every day determine your health. You have the control over your health. You decide everyday whether or not to have health, whether or not to suffer from the health problems. Your genes and the environment and have very minimal role in determining your health. And if you are wondering that what foods to eat for optimal health. The answer is whole food plant based diet with very little or no animal products at all. For more benefits of the whole food plant based diet give it a google search.
  • The exercise is the second. Human body was never designed to sit. The human body was designed to move. And exercise and workout is systematic and disciplined way of that movement. Unfortunately we sit all day long without realizing its harmful effects. Inactivity kills a lot.  What I will say on this matter is that for the health, the diet is king and the exercise is queen. So eat your potatoes but don’t be a couch-potato. Get moving and give up the laziness.
  • The spirituality and religiosity plays a vital role in keeping you sane and having a good mental and the emotional health. Without the religion there is no hope. You have no reason to live. So, make your religious practices an integral part of your life and don’t be ever shy in practicing them in front of people.
  • The reduction of stress is exponential for the mental and physical well being. Life is temporary, don’t make it permanent. Take it easy and let go of the useless worries, stresses, anxieties and worries. Give your best in life and leave the rest on God. You will be protected by God, if you believe him. Pray, meditate and workout that stress out. And if you feel entangled in your worries and depression, don’t be afraid to seek the help of a psychologist.
  • Free yourself of the materialistic things as much as possible. Trust me your life will be so simple and so easy. Try to adopt minimalism way of living as much as possible. get rid of the useless and troublesome things in your life.
  • Working hard and leaving the stagnation is important determinant of health. Humans need to grow and be productive in terms of everything possible in life. Never be afraid to take risks in life whether it means to quit a job or move to someplace else. You might be poor at some time in your life but your experiences will be rich. Live your life with integrity and i.e. with proud and leave something behind.
  • Having a broader cognition in life. You need to get out of the circle of yourself and your life. And focus on surroundings. Focus on your everyday choices, your food choices, your relationship choices, your decision making and your surroundings. Life will not always be fair and but it will not give you the troubles that you can’t handle. But don’t be too harsh on yourself.

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