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Dubai Police Jobs

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Dubai Police Jobs

Dubai Police Force department was launched in 1956 and this is an official security agency of the Dubai United Arab Emirates. Dubai Police Force comprised of more than 17,500 confirmed members and about 15,000 extremely skilled and qualified persons. Therefore, Dubai Police Force is world acknowledged force. This security department is continuously progressing with the passage of time. Dubai Police Force make sure the security and protection of the natives as well as visitors of this Emirate.  Dubai Police force fully skilled and able to protect crimes in this part of the world. Similarly, Dubai Police also facilitate in traffic management, emergency response, and control mobs. So, because of Dubai Police effort it made Dubai safe and secure part of the world. Dubai Emirate regularly advertises Dubai police jobs for females.

Dubai Police Job Requirements

Dubai Police Force department is regularly inducting expats, overseas and Emirates in Dubai Police. Dubai Police jobs are for active, young and energetic and enthusiastic individuals. However, department allows fresh as well as professionals to apply. Similarly, females are also inducted in Dubai Police from time to time. There are different qualification levels are required for different Police jobs. It is vital that Police person must be the native of this Emirate or Emirates. If you are not the resident of this Emirate then you must have been a resident of the UAE for at least five years. The age group at the time of selection as a Police man in Dubai candidate must be in between 18 and 30 years. So, the followings are few basic requirements for Dubai police jobs 2024.

1.  It is compulsory that an applicant for Police job must be in between 18 year to 30 years.
2.  The majorly of Police jobs demand minimum high school diploma or equivalent.
3.  Police jobs applicants must have good physical health and fitness.
4.  Applicant of Police jobs in Dubai must be fluent in Arabic and English will be preferred.
5. There should not be any criminal office against the applicant of Dubai Police job in his/her country or abroad.

Dubai Police Job Benefits and Salary

Dubai Police Force department usually offer fantastic higher salary packages along other benefits. Salary Dubai police jobs are comparatively higher than same ranks. Police department also award medical leaves and other annual leaves to its Police force. Dubai police jobs careers is enlisted in top rank careers in Dubai. However, besides higher salary packages Dubai Police also get other benefits like:
Advancement chance
2. Handsome chances for training and development
3. Transportation facility
4. Supporting working environment
5. Community participation
6. Established and safe work environment
7. Esteemed character

How to get a Police officer job in Dubai

Dubai is a safe and secure Emirate, but because of huge influx of tourists and expats it needs law enforcement officials to keep the Emirate peaceful. Dubai Police department induct more qualified and talented individuals as Police force and officers. Dubai Police Department induct the person after taking different tests and interviews. Dubai police jobs for foreigners are available after few confirmations. There are numbers of online websites which advertise Dubai Police jobs in Dubai and other Emirates. Similarly, Dubai newspapers also advertise Police jobs. However, if you are interested in Police jobs in Dubai then visit the official website of Dubai Police that is:


Join as a Police officer in Dubai

Dubai Police officer all other basic requirements must complete two years compulsory training.  The instructors will provide you classroom instruction regarding law enforcement and police procedures. Similarly, they will also provide driving coaching and how to care and use police safety equipment. However, after completion this training the individual will be assigned his relevant Police station. The initial duty or assignment will be to patrol and respond to calls for help. Similarly, he not only respond to calls, but also compile incident reports.  Police officer main task will be enforce law and arrest criminals.

Join as a Police Inspector in Dubai

The Police Inspector job in Dubai Police Department demands that you must have been served as a Police officer with minimum three years’ experience. It is also compulsory that you have to clear relevant tests and have fantastic service record in Police department. If an individual clear these tests and fulfil other requirements then he must complete another two years of training at Police Academy in Dubai. It is compulsory that candidate will earn a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a similar field. Moreover, candidate will also clear his proficiency tests in investigation techniques and law enforcement practices. Candidate will also learn about management, human resources, and communications.

As a Police Inspector in Dubai Police you have an opportunity to work as an investigator. However, for this potion candidate must at least 26 years of age. An investigator job require minimum two years relevant experience as Police Inspector. This job also demands that you have amazing service record in Dubai Police department. This position require bachelor’s degree in criminal justice along courses in management, human resources, and communications. All Police officer position in Dubai Police department offer amazing salary packages along other benefits. Dubai police jobs for expats are open, but require few basic confirmations.

How to join the Dubai, UAE Police

Interested candidates for Dubai Police jobs must read daily newspapers or check online. However, Police jobs seekers can check it though Police department official website that is: http://ejob.dubaipolice.gove.ae/
Dubai police jobs online apply facility is free of cost. There is an application Form for online applicants. However, you can also sent that application through postal service along other supporting documents. It is necessary that all required documents must be annexed with your application. Police department take medical test or exam of all applied candidates. Similarly, Police department also conduct Psychological exam and applicants must clear their written test arranged by Dubai Police Department. The exam of this test will be based on your Dubai and UAE laws. Applicants must clear their physical fitness test. In the last all applicants will pass their interview which will be conducted by a selection committee. Dubai Police jobs candidates get their selection details from Dubai Police department after completion test and interview process.

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