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Dubai Visit Visa

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Everyone wants to visit Dubai nowadays. Some people want to go there for visit while some of them go there for seeking employment. The employment opportunities are no doubt too much in Dubai and most of the foreigners in Dubai are those who have come here for employment however; there are also some people who want to enjoy the pleasant weather of Dubai and want to go there for visit.

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There are three types of visit visas for Dubai:-

  1. Single entry visa (one month)
  2. Single entry visa (three months)
  3. Multiple entry visa (six months)

The visas form are required to be submitted at the embassy. The forms can be downloaded from the internet and they are registered at the embassy. After two weeks, a person is allowed to go to Dubai.

There are some details which each Pakistani going to Dubai should remember. These things are:-

  1. Verbal notes from the ministry of foreign affairs
  2. The note should not be too old if you want to get is accepted at the embassy.
  3. The purpose of entry in Dubai should be clearly mentioned in the note.
  4. The visa form should be filled properly because an incomplete visa form will be rejected by the embassy.
  5. The visa fee that you pay will not be refunded if you are failed to get the visa.

It is the desire of every person to enjoy their vacation in a beautiful place like Dubai and to see the cultural, traditional and historical places. The Dubai has become one of the biggest hub of business and enjoyment. It is one of the most visited areas among all the gulf countries. Because of its beauty and lots of visitors, it is also known as global city of the world.

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Many innovative construction projects and sports and fashion events have grabbed the attention of all the people across the world. There are lots of beautiful places in Dubai which are worth visiting. Dubai is considered as one of the safest countries of the world for tourist since there are almost no crimes. The generosity and the hospitality of the residents of the people make other people visit it.

Those people who want to visit Dubai have to get the visa form. The visa form can be obtained from the official website of embassy. The person is required to fill the visa form and to submit it in embassy. Based on the information given in the visa form, the visa application of the person is either accepted or rejected. Getting Dubai visit visa is not a difficult task.

Documents required for visit visa:-

In order to apply for the visit visa, the person is required to apply with some documents which are:

  1. The original passport that should be valid for next six months
  2. Two passport size photographs with white background. Make sure that photographs are not too old
  3. Copy of CNIC or B-form.

Visit visa is valid only for 2 months and the person bearing visit visa is allowed to stay in Dubai for about 90 days. In order to get the immediate visit visa of Dubai, you will have to get the sponsorship from anyone residing in Dubai. The sponsorship can also be from any company running in Dubai or from an individual person who has been living in Dubai since long ago.

People who want to get the job opportunities or who want to run their own business first go to Dubai on visit visa. After having a complete outlook of Dubai, they go back to their country and then they apply again for residency visa. There are also many people who want to visit any European country. Such people are demanded to provide the details of visiting some other countries to get the European visa. These people get the Dubai visit visa. After visiting Dubai, they get European visa easily.

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