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Education Problems in Pakistan

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Education. A name that encourages a human body and give a hope of earning, which is the basic need. In every country, education’s importance is always high. Every parent want to give there children, a best education. But in Pakistan, problems are taking place day by day. Financial, background and  many problems exists here. Knowledge, which is a power of human being. This knowledge comes from education. It makes a man perfect. Education is always helpful for everyone.

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Rural Area problems:-

The main problem of our country is Education. Especially, in rural areas, almost 90% of people are illiterate. This is because of the ancestors of the particular area. Everyone is involved in farming. The farmers earn money from agriculture and that is the only source for earning money. Why ?  Why the level of rural areas are low. This is because no one is there who invests on education. The main role is of government. Government never invest on it. We have to maintain a good environment, a good class in which many children come themselves and learn. But, every parent never forces there child. They born, play with mud potteries. As the time passes, there parents order them to work with them. Every elder son is an asset for every family. Another problem which they face is, low earning. They work so hard but in return they never earn a high penny. This is because they have no knowledge, and just want to fill there bellies. Purchaser comes and purchase there fields in some small amount of money, and then they sold them in high rates. No knowledge means you cannot decide a right one. You just do the things. That’s why it’s important. They always face the problems, either it is of money or of calculations. If anyone want to learn they always back out because no one is there who motivates them. There are only 10 to 20% of schools in rural areas but accommodation level is 0. We have to work on it. Youngsters help them by social media and the one’s who owns an authority, work for them and visit there place so that motivation view can be seen.

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Intermediate and University time :-

The backbone of a student is the time of intermediate level. The most horrible level, and this is true because I myself went from that time and I know the tough time. Everywhere, a rush of cheating. The education board Pakistan don’t know what going on behind the curtain. The one’s who never studied whole year, scoring 80-90% in board exams, and the one who work hard the score not a desired one. Is that fair ? Okay this was the problem of the studies and results. Now the University time. 12th class completed, satisfied. Oh wait ! Not now. You have to face a disturbing life. Every private university end there admissions before the result of Intermediate. Most of the time, students gets confused that if we apply in an university. And if I fail to score good marks then how will I admit in any university. Once I heard that a boy applied in FAST-NUCES, a top university of Pakistan. He passed aptitude test of the uni but failed in Intermediate Class. What happened ? He had a trouble. So, I want to say that every university held there aptitude tests after the result of intermediate.
So these, are the main problems that every one wants to learn but they have no platform to show there talents. That’s why thousands of talents wasted every year. They always work under an educated man, and they also cant contact and make a good coordination with the people.

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