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Nature provide this spectacular planet Earth for living and from ages we humans are destroying it like reshaping landscapes, favoring some kinds of organisms and destroying others changing the very composition of the Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Hydrosphere, Biosphere and Cryosphere and starting new chain of radio activity with atomic explosion. Different biotic and abiotic factors surrounding of a living organism, population, or ecological community including natural forces, external physical conditions that affect survival, growth and development of organisms is known as Environment. Biotic factors are organisms themselves, food and their interaction pathways while abiotic factors are air, soil, sunlight, water, climate etc. The Environment is not dissimilar to the human body. It is like a super organism where we humans, along with plants, bacteria etc are like the cells and tissues that sustain it. Yes, we have the capacity to keep the body (Earth/Environment) healthy because we are all connected. As Environment is multidisciplinary subject and cover different aspects of nature, biodiversity, ecosystem, earth processing systems etc. You will find articles in this category related to Environment Sustainability, Green Environment Concepts, Cleaner Production, Climate Change, Global Warming, water, air, soil pollution as well as for solid waste management. “Environment” term is practical after reading articles from this category you will be able to manage you daily waste or take certain steps to protect your surroundings as Albert Einstein quotes that “We shall need a substantially new way of thinking if humanity is to survive.” Now we have to take certain steps & do some actions (which may be in writing, speaking or acting), to aware people and play our role to make this planet greener and cleaner for ourselves & future generations.