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Healthy Habits You Can Start Doing Today

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Health does not have to be a complex formula. For health you do not have to exert too much effort or change your entire life and routine throughout. Yes health is a lifestyle, not a diet or an exercise routine but it starts with the little things. You can start doing little things day by day and saw significant improvements but do not push yourself over those boundaries which you can never be able to maintain or sustain throughout the life. So, her are some health changes which you can start making today and by the time you will see significant results

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  • Health starts from within and the outside is just a reflection of that. Focus on inside on feeling stronger and healthier and do not focus on vanity. You do not need to prove anyone anything
  • Start eating well. Choose whole unprocessed foods like fruits and vegetables as your first priority. Now here is a tip, with a start of meal, start with fruit or salad and then eat the rest. So in this case fruits or salad is going to full you and you will have little room left for the unhealthy stuff
  • Drink water. Drink from 2.5 to 4 liters every day. Fill half your stomach with water, half with food and leave half for the air. Thirst can be sometimes confused with hunger. Here is a tip, if you feel hungry after just you have just eaten, then you are thirsty. Drink some water wait for 15 minutes and your hunger will be gone and if it is not gone after 15 minutes then this is hunger not thirst
  • Try making your stomach and your fridge a garden not a graveyard. Replace your meat and dairy with the plants
  • If you suffer from emotional eating, think too much about food (that it is taking control of your life) suffer from depression after eating too much, consult some psychological help. Consult a psychotherapist for your emotions
  • Enhance your cooking skills, this is for both men and women. If you could make all healthy yet delicious foods at home, you will be less likely to eat out often
  • If you are eating out, the same principle applies, first eat your salad, then if hungry order something else but according to your capacity
  • Do not run into a grocery store, bakery or a restaurant extremely hungry. Chances are you will buy and eat all the unwanted stuff and feel guilty later on. Keep some snack with you so that you do not fall into the trap of unhealthy stuff
  • Do not keep junk food snack, like chocolate or chips at your home to eat then later on or on weekend or cheat days. If they are present at your home, you will eat them when hunger kicks no matter what. When you crave to eat them, then go out and buy them and again do mindful eating and do not feel guilty
  • Incorporate a little exercise or movement at your work place. Walk in between free time, take stairs instead of elevators, stretch out after a few time
  • Incorporate working out at least 3 times a week. Whether walking or running or weekend sports whatever
  • Do not set unrealistic goals over career, life, fitness and everything. Take care of your responsibilities and set realistic goals
  • Stop worrying what is waiting for you in future and live in here and now
  • Become a minimalist or at least de-clutter. Less money, less problems and I definitely mean that. Money is not the solution to everything, it is the recipe for disaster. Do not try to impress other but killing yourself.
  • Take care of the people around you. Start saying “thank you” and “sorry” no matter how difficult it is. These two words are going to break your ego into pieces and you will become humble eventually

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