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What Floor to Put in Your Home

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What Floor to Put in Your Home

A lot of people focus on everything in their homes from lamps and sofas and furniture to small decorating items. But when it comes to floors, they don’t think wisely and spend more time pondering over it. They choose floors randomly without giving proper thought to what will look good in their house. In this article I will especially like to talk about the types of floors and what you can put in your house to make it look more appealing and what will compliment with your furniture and decor more.  If you are also having your house renovated or are building a new house and want some insight about floors, then read till the end to get to know what magic lies in the floor world. Also if you are interested in interior designing and want to learn a few tricks, then you can benefit a lot from the article.


Natural wooden floors are my favourite and give a very rich and cozy feel to the entire house. There are many kinds of wood with colours ranging from light to dark. If your house is small, I suggest going for a light coloured wooden floor and if it Is large, than proper wood coloured brown or dark brown wood might look good too. Also what you can do is instead of having all the house floor turn in to wood, you can mix and match, make some sreas with wood flooring and some with tiles or concrete or even carpet.  You can also have you study room floor be made wooden to give a cozy reading vibe.


Tiled flooring’s are becoming very popular these days and why not, they look so good and clean no matter where you have put them. Large white tiles look very good with all kinds of dark or even light furniture. If you have black or brown coloured dark furniture, large white or soft beige coloured tiles will look extremely classy with it. you can use some colour pop in curtains and cushions. Also a small stylish rug will compliment the look.


Concrete floors are the oldest type of floors in the world and look very ancient yet artistic. If you want to have concrete floors installed in your house, you might want to consider the colour scheme you will have with them. In small homes I don’t suggest concrete homes but in larger spaces, concrete combined with either wood or plain tiles looks very nice and artistic. Get concrete floors in your verandas and garages and porch though. You can also have a patio made in the garden from the concrete floor. No wood or tile would look as good there as the concrete one.

Wood textured tile

If you can’t afford those expensive and heavy wooden floors then these modern day wood textured tiles are for you. These are plain tiles but with the cuts and textures and even colours of the wood. And when seen from a distance or without touching it, no one cam ever figure out that is not read wood. Also they will be cold in the hot season too, so another plus point.

Pebbles and concrete

Pebbles and concrete are basically old too and are still seen in many castles and masjids around the world. This flooring also looks very artistic and the colour art of the pebbles on the strong concrete floor presents a remarkable piece of art, admired by many. If your furniture design is 20th or 18th century, then you will like this flooring.


Carpeted flooring is also a cozy way of filling the floor space. If you live in a cold area then this is the flooring for you. It is best for winters as it keeps the area looking cozy and also protects the body and feet from getting cold. The carpet stays warm over the cold floor.

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