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Gift Ideas For Women

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Gift Ideas For Women

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I have talked in another article about the essential things that you can use to wrap the presents for your dear ones. Check that out to know what common things can be used to wrap the gifts. However in this article I will be listing a couple of gift ideas for women and what can be given to these pretty creatures. When setting out to find presents for someone, we always get stuck on a few questions that are:

  • What would they like?
  • What they would not like?
  • What kind of a person is she?
  • How can I buy this thing when I haven’t even seen her using it?
  • How do I know what she would like?

I know very common but highly irritating questions. So I was also confused about presents I had to give to my women friends and while on my hunt for a perfect gift for each person, I came across some very good options to keep in mind while shopping for presents. Women are not hard to read though, you can spot her habits and that will lead you to finding out a nice gift for her. But if you don’t enough time to observe and spy on her, well, these options will make life a lot easier for you.

Goblets or wineglasses

Ok before you judge this one, wineglass can also be used to drink some lemonade since everyone doesn’t drink. So go out, buy two nice sleek goblets for her. She can share them either with you or her husband or someone else. This is something you don’t have to worry about being liked or not because everyone loves to drink even if it is just plain water. You will find many options and styles of the goblets in the cutlery section of your grocery store.

Body mists and perfumes

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I think I have mentioned this somewhere else too or probably at dozen different times. Women love perfumes. Now what most people get confused about is what type of scents to choose. That one is also easy because there are something things not all women like but some things and scents almost every other women would love to wear. Firstly observe what kinds of scents she wears. If you have detected it, good. But if not, than vanilla, coconut, musk, woody scents are seen to be loved by almost every other women. Light floral scents are also a good option. However the fruity perfumes and strong stingy fragrances are a risk since they may cause headaches o other problems for people and not all women go for them.

Lip colors

Not all women wear nail paints but almost every other women loves to paint the lips, sometimes out of fashion and style where as other times to give some moisture to the lips. When buying lip color, there is one thing to keep in mind. Not everyone likes dark colours or at times they don’t look good on a person. So a safer route would be to buy peach toned lip colors and lip glosses. Baby pinks are hues of soft coral would also be a good option. Light browns also look good on most women. Just steer clear of the darks and pastels since they are tricky colours and might not be of good use to the receiver of your gift.

Scented Candles

Like I have said before, women love anything which is nicely fragranced. So fragranced candles are another very considerate and lovely gift for a woman. You can either buy a large candle or two to three small candles and make a set. Combine the candles with lip colours and a nice fragrance and this will make a perfect gift for any women in your family, friends, social circle or even a work colleague. Wrap these up nicely with ribbons and glitter sheets and put a nice card with these to complete the entire present and that is it.

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Aymen, a graduate of BS Honors Fatima Jinnah Women University, is a creative writer, content creator and graphic designer who has been working as a freelancer from clients around the globe since 2013.

Also being a lifestyle blogger at http://aymenarif.online.pk/ and writer at The News, she has had her first two novelettes Fears Unveiled and To Mystiko Diamante published for Smash Magazine for Youth, Pakistan, in 2014.
The author loves being creative and productive and likes to utilize her skills in branding and logo design, professional Photoshop and Illustrator, interior design and even management, to help others in need.